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Certificate in International Studies

Certificate in International Studies

The Certificate in Intercultural Foundations is available to students in any major. This interdisciplinary program fosters an understanding and appreciation of cultural difference in both domestic and international contexts. The Certificate in Intercultural Foundations responds to the growing need to prepare our students to live and work in an increasingly diverse and globally interconnected world. This program is designed to challenge students at Chestnut Hill College to engage in a wide variety of educational, service, and experiential learning opportunities. These diverse courses and activities invite students to step outside of their “comfort zone” and immerse themselves in varied cultural realities in order to deepen their intellectual and empathic understanding of others. In addition, this Certificate program offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to identify and address many forms of social injustice. Greater mobility and diversity are now the hallmarks of nearly every workplace and community on the globe. Thus, earning a Certificate in Intercultural Foundations enhances every student’s character and professional career. 

Interested students may contact Sr. Mary Kay Flannery, SSJ, D.Min., Coordinator and Faculty Advisor for the Intercultural Foundations Certificate, at flannerym@chc.edu or at 215-248-7087. 

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