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Chestnut Hill College Welcomes Students from Cabrini University

Chestnut Hill College Welcomes Students from Cabrini University



As our hearts go out to all affected by the news, Chestnut Hill College is dedicated to providing personal support, an exceptionally diverse undergraduate student body, and fostering a genuine spirit of acceptance among all in our community, especially to students looking for a new home following the impending closing of Cabrini University. Known for our inclusivity, diversity, and strong sense of belonging, our openhearted community is ready to welcome Cabrini students to our campus where you will thrive academically, personally, and socially. From faculty and staff to peers, you will find a supportive network committed to your success as Griffins. We warmly invite you to join our community and become a part of our legacy of excellence.

To that extent, we are here to provide a way for Cabrini students to continue their educational journey as seamlessly as possible. 

As a current (or incoming) Cabrini University student, you are eligible to receive the following legacy benefits at Chestnut Hill College:

  • A customized financial aid package that will at minimum match the existing financial aid award you currently have from Cabrini
  • Cabrini transfers will receive an additional $1,000 in Cabrini Legacy Scholarship (only available until Spring 2025)

We are also offering all Cabrini students a FREE APPLICATION (waiver code: CabriniCHC) and FREE EXPEDITED APPLICATION REVIEW so you know your options quickly in order to make plans and alleviate the stress of this transition situation. 


Cabrini Legacy Scholarship

Chestnut Hill College and Cabrini University are both members of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education. Through SEPCHE, students at Cabrini have always had opportunities to take courses at CHC, engage in various travel abroad opportunities, and share a lending library. This connection, in addition to the shared mission and values of CHC and Cabrini, has created a relationship that we believe is worth recognizing. It is for that reason that Chestnut Hill College is proud to offer the Cabrini Legacy Scholarship for any student transferring from Cabrini to CHC. The award starts at $1,000, which is in addition to the matching financial aid packages and academic-based scholarships available to students. 

Together, we will ensure the Cabrini legacy lives on through your experiences at Chestnut Hill College.

Come Visit Chestnut Hill College!

A picturesque and serene campus, located in suburban Philadelphia on the border of neighboring Montgomery County, Chestnut Hill College offers breathtaking views all throughout the year. Just a quick walk away from the beautiful trails of the Wissahickon and the quaint nearby neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, PA, Chestnut Hill College is the perfect home away from home. Come explore our idyllic campus today and see for yourself what makes CHC so very special!


On-Campus Visits - One on One Appointments Available Monday through Friday, and select Saturdays

Come join us at Chestnut Hill College and discover the supportive, diverse and inclusive community just waiting to welcome you in.


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If you can't make it to campus, you can email Danny Luu, Associate Director of Transfer Admissions at luud@chc.edu to discuss securing your admission, financial aid packages, and more.

Take advantage of this special opportunity to advance your education—and your life— and find your people, your purpose, and your passion, here at Chestnut Hill.


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Transfer Student Spotlight

Joyce Coelho
Joyce Coelho, Psychology Major, Transfer Student

"Meeting all the amazing people is something I will always carry with me forever, the friendships I’ve made and the people I met are family and I will forever cherish that. There was a Harry Potter escape room I went to in the Rotunda and while I did not escape it was a very fun experience that I will never forget. Plus, get involved, don’t be afraid to venture out and try new things and meet new people. If you are commuting, stay around campus and go to events. There is so much to do get involved join clubs meet your group of people that you want to go through this new adventure with."