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Academic Center Model

Academic Center Model


At Chestnut Hill College, we’ve transformed the traditional liberal arts education into a more interdisciplinary, INTERRELATED experience specifically designed for today’s sophisticated student.  



Our Academic Center Model breaks with traditional education structures that segment majors and disciplines into separate “silos” with little crossover between departments.

Instead, the CHC model merges related fields into intersecting tracks—or Centers—that prepare students to approach life from a cross-disciplinary perspective. 

This centralized, cross-disciplinary model not only reinforces the College’s oath to providing transformative, holistic education, but also puts a greater emphasis on real-world application.

As students gain more hands-on experience with interconnected subjects, and interact with leading professionals, their potential to think critically and bridge ideas to tackle whatever comes their way boosts to new levels—not just in individual experience, but on a national and even global scale.  



The new Academic Center Model offers students: 

  • Access to a wider array of perspectives, expertise, and collaboration among students and faculty from multiple disciplines

  • Greater capacity to explore today's current employment fields and learn to problem solve through a multi-discipline lens  

  • Broader-based exposure to varying post-grad opportunities and career paths


Each Academic Center at CHC marries the theoretical with the practical arts through dynamic programs, plus new methods of delivery, the creative use of technology, well-designed majors, and student-centered advisement—all in support of the College’s long-standing commitment to mission, social justice, and the lifelong learner outcomes associated for centuries with a liberal arts education. Click the boxes below to learn more about each of our Academic Centers.


Our 6 Academic Centers


Use the dropdown below to find the program you're interested in and to learn more about the center where it is housed.



Still deciding what you want to study? Our Academic Discovery Program can help.

Interested in our master's programs? Click here to learn more about the School of Graduate Studies.


Our New Core Curriculum

Going hand-in-hand with our new Academic Center Model is a new way to approach the standard Liberal Arts Core Curriculum found at many colleges and universities.

Unlike traditional core requirements at other liberal arts schools which only touch lightly on various disciplines, the Core Curriculum at CHC digs deeper to provide students not only a more complex, broad-based knowledge base across multiple disciplines, but also accountable skill set development and the acuity outcomes necessary for real world success.

The NEW Core structure aligns with and reinforces the College’s interdisciplinary Academic Center Model, altogether ensuring both exposure to a wide array of fundamental knowledge AND skill outcomes for career success—a valuable combination in today’s complex, global society.


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