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Field Experience

Field Experience

Field experience for the M.S. in School Counseling includes a 100-hour practicum experience that exposes students primarily to the counseling aspects of the school counseling profession. During practicum, students will learn assessment, case formulation, and school-based interventions, and will participate in a variety of individual and group counseling experiences. Most students will begin their practicum experience in either the fall or spring semesters, as that is when school is in session; however, there may be opportunities for students during the summer in alternative school settings.

Following successful completion of practicum, students will complete a 420-hour internship in the same district where they had their practicum experience. During internship, students will engage in all aspects of the school counseling profession, including, but not limited to individual counseling and planning, small group counseling, classroom guidance, consulting and systemic advocacy interventions, and any other types of educational training experiences offered by the district.

Though not required, it is recommended that students complete internship hours at different grade levels within their selected district (e.g., 100 hours at an elementary school, 320 hours at a high school). Students will work with site supervisors to determine this scheduling depending on students preferred educational level.

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