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Leadership Activities

Leadership Activities

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The department of Student Life at Chestnut Hill College strives to provide a variety of ways for students not only to be involved, but to be leaders in what they are involved in. All students have the potential to obtain leadership opportunities no matter where their interest lies. Student Life offers workshops, speakers, and high levels of leadership development to ensure that our students are building their resumes and graduate as successful leaders ready to head into the real world.


The IDEAS (Involvement, Development & Engagement for Active Students) program strives to provide formal, deliberate and structured leadership opportunities in the areas of individual growth and organizational development.

Through this comprehensive program students are encouraged and challenged to extend their learning outside of the classroom in experiential activities that will prepare them for the present and future.  IDEAS provides developmental opportunities for students to become informed and effective leaders in the College, fields of study, careers and communities.  The IDEAS program challenges students to enrich and deepen their self-knowledge, develop self-confidence and competence, manage their time and energy to live balanced lives, recognize and assume accountability for their actions and decisions, communicate and interact effectively, think creatively and critically, consider multiple perspectives and embrace the responsibilities associated with becoming an ethical, socially responsible leader.  

The IDEAS program sponsors conferences, workshops, speakers, and much more! 

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Emerging Leader Series

The Emerging Leaders Series is a six-week long workshop series designed to give first-year and transfer students an opportunity to learn about leadership and meet new friends. The series is perfect for students who are interested in becoming more involved, transitioning in to leadership positions or who simply want to learn more about themselves and others.  The Emerging Leaders Series traditionally runs in the spring semester.

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Orientation Leaders

Each year, we recruit a team of CHC-loving Orientation Leaders to help ease the transition of our first year students. This position includes leadership development, team-building, and a lot of FUN! Applications go out in the beginning of each spring semester.

Co-Curricular Transcript

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official record of leadership accomplishments and involvement in student organizations, community service activities and professional/educational development programs.

It is designed as a means of recognizing “out of classroom” learning, growth and contributions during a student’s college career.  Official copies of the Co-Curricular Transcript can be used to compliment resumes and academic transcripts when applying to graduate/professional schools and for prospective employers.

By creating your own Co-Curricular Transcript, you can match your interests with the appropriate opportunities that will help you obtain a broad and well-balanced range of experiences.  This will assist in developing lifelong skills necessary to adapt in an ever-changing world. The Co-Curricular Transcript ties directly with the often quoted insight of Sister Maria Kostka Logue, who said that our students are “here to learn to make a living because [they] must, but [they] are here to learn to live.” The Co-Curricular Transcript will be a permanent record of this learning to live that our students embody. 

Contact Krista Murphy at MurphyK@chc.edu to start yours today!

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