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  • Maxim 55

    A mere seven years after the order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph was founded in 1650 by Father Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ, he presented them with 100 maxims, or short prayerful guides, to live by.

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Rubber Ducky at podium

With drenching rains, high winds and cold temperatures in the forecast, the decision was made—about 48 hours in advance of CHC’s 90th Commencement ceremony on May 13—to move the event into Sorgenti Arena. A first in CHC history.

Planting Tree

In 2014, the Griffin Garden Club was started by students interested in combining their knowledge of food production and enjoyment of community service into an enduring project that would serve CHC students and others for a long time to come. 

Benico with drawings

For one week at the end of June, 12 local students (of middle school age) immersed themselves in a summer science and art camp at CHC where they learned to observe and artistically reproduce diverse preserved and living organisms.


When you work at an institution of higher learning it’s not unusual for people to ask the question, “It’s summer and there are no students here, so what do you do?” At Chestnut Hill College, that answer often comes down to two words: summer camps. 

Sister Jean Faustman receives the Lindback Award from Sister Carol.

Sister Jean Faustman, D.M.L., associate professor of French and Spanish, was this year's recipient of  the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Phage Hunters

Phage Hunters!
When searching for viruses that infect bacteria … call on researchers trained to isolate them. 

Sister Carol, Margaret McCaffery, Cathy Lockyer Moulton, Sister Anne Myers

At its quarterly meeting on May 8, CHC’s Board of Directors elected Catherine Lockyer Moulton ’92 as its Chair, effective in September.