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Accessible Document Conversion

Accessible Document Conversion

What is Sensus Access?

Developed to 'ensure access for all,' Sensus Access is a one-stop document converter, which allows students, staff, and faculty to convert documents and alternate media into a variety of formats. This includes audio books, braille, e-books and more. Sensus Access also allows individuals to translate work from one language into another, as well as to make inaccessible documents such as image files, certain PDFs, and PowerPoint into more accessible formats. Through Sensus Access, individuals can feel empowered to be self-sufficient and develop agency when it comes to their own learning.


See below to watch a video to learn more about how to use Sensus Access.




Conditions of use

United States copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) dictates that individuals can make accessible copies of files permitting they either own the copyright themselves, have received permission from the copyright holder, the copyright has expired, or if you are making copies for an individual with a print disability. This law governs reproductions of copyright material and all users of Sensus Access must abide by the following rules.

  • agree to not share the copy with anyone else unless you are making the copy for someone with a print disability.
  • agree to abide by data protection laws and regulations if storing or sharing converted files that contain personal data.

Individuals using Sensus Access are liable for any copyright infringement that may occur. Please familiarize yourself with best practices and use this converter with care and caution.


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