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Center for Accessibility and Learning Services

Center for Accessibility and Learning Services

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Chestnut Hill College is in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the ADA of 1990, and the ADAAA of 2008 and provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. Students requesting accommodations are required to submit substantive and current documentation indicating the nature and duration of their condition, the need for such accommodations, and how the diagnosed condition currently impacts functioning and causes substantial limitations. 

This documentation should be submitted to the Center for Accessibility and Learning Services (CALS) at the following address: 
Chestnut Hill College 
Center for Accessibility and Learning Services
Room 240, Saint Joseph Hall
9601 Germantown Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19118 
Phone: 215-242-7738
Fax: 215-248-7019
Email: cals@chc.edu

Chestnut Hill College and Sensus Access

Sensus Access is a document converter that allows individuals to translate work from one language into another, as well as to make inaccessible documents such as image files, certain PDFs, and PowerPoint into more accessible formats. All students, faculty, and staff with a CHC email have access to this program.

Click Here to Utilize Sensus Access

Process for receiving disability status at CHC

  1. Contact the Admissions Office to obtain an Accommodations Packet or contact the Center for Accessibility and Learning Services (CALS) at 215-242-7738 or cals@chc.edu for this information or print the following forms here. 
  2. The Accommodations Packet contains:
  1. The completed Accommodations Packet including supporting documentation can be submitted to CALS. 
  2. Please be aware that the review, approval, and orientation process can take up to four weeks and accommodations are not retroactive. All requests will be considered on an individual basis and will take into account each student’s unique situation.
  3. The Director or designee will review the Accommodations Packet and make a determination of eligibility and provide suggestions for “reasonable” accommodations in relationship to Chestnut Hill College’s policies and federal law. 
  4. If a student qualifies as “in need of accommodations,” a Notice of Accommodations Letter outlining the approved accommodations will be developed. The Director of the CALS or her designee will forward the letter to the student. When the student approves the letter, the CALS will send a copy to each instructor of the course the student is taking in order to activate the accommodations. Each instructor signs an agreement form and returns it to the CALS.
  5. If the Director determines that a student does not qualify for accommodations, a letter outlining the decision and the reason for the decision will be developed by him/her. The Director of the CALS will forward the letter to the student. 
  6. If a student does not agree with the decision of the Director regarding the question of eligibility or the reasonable accommodations offered, then the student may submit a Disabilities Appeal Form. The form should be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), St. Joseph’s Hall, Room 332, 3rd Floor for review. The Disability Appeals Form can be obtained from the Director of CALS in St Joseph’s Hall, Room 240, 2nd floor.

Center for Accessibility and Learning Services Policies and Procedures