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Life at CHC

Life at CHC

You've never seen a student life video like this one

While you’ll be expected to study hard, life as a student at Chestnut Hill College encompasses much, much more than tests, terms papers, and the four walls of Logue Library. After all, this is where you can concentrate on becoming a well-rounded individual. And that means learning how to live with people you don’t call “mom” or “dad,” how to lead that student club (maybe even as President of the Student Government Association) and how to plan the perfect Friday night out on the town in Philly. You’ll soon discover that life as a student at Chestnut Hill College is much richer and all-encompassing than you may know. 

Student Engagement

Getting involved is truly a way of life at Chestnut Hill College. Whether it’s an activity on campus or a volunteer opportunity that takes you out into the world, there are tons of organizations and initiatives you can join — or even choose to create yourself — that will keep you busy for years to come. The Student Activities Office, referred to as the "SAO" by our students, is responsible for planning and hosting weekly campus events and off-campus trips. We also coordinate large campus-wide events like Griffin Days, Orientation, and Quidditch. Events hosted by clubs and organizations receive the help and support of the SAO in order to be successful throughout the year. 

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