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Giving to Chestnut Hill College

Whether you give to the Griffin Fund or the Endowment, establish a scholarship, or support a special fundraising initiative, you make our good work possible. Your gifts are an investment in our mission, and we are deeply grateful. Thank you!


“Every day I tell myself, I can. I will. I must. These three little sentences brought me to the place I am today. Thank you, thank you again and again.”

-Jasmine Williams ’18                                       

“It is the compassionate and selfless actions of people like you who make it easier for students like me to achieve a  college education and pursue my future goals and ambitions.”

-Jillian Turnbach ’14             

Being an immigrant in the United States has challenged me socially and economically but also made me stronger and be grateful for the educational opportunity that I have and for everyone who contributed for that to happen.

-Stacy N. Aduclasse ‘20

students with Griffin