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Coming to a College Near You...

Our 'Star-Studded' Day of Giving on the Hill!

Lights, camera, and take action by making your gift to The Griffin Fund today!

On March 19, we are rolling out the proverbial red carpet and asking the entire Griffin Community to join us for a special online event to raise money for the Griffin Fund, prioritizing the most critical needs impacting the student experience on campus. Through contributions to The Griffin Fund, YOU have the power to star in the film that is a students' education. YOU have the power to directly and immediately impact day-to-day life for students on campus through a variety of ways including improving the physical condition and accessibility of campus, elevating programming, expanding resources, and providing scholarships among other things. 

Every. Gift. Counts.

This year, we are especially excited to have a $5,000 matching gift challenge from a generous alumna, starring as the lead in our online production. Together, if we can raise $5,000 by midnight, March 19, 2024, the alumna will generously give us $5,000! This matching challenge effectively doubles your donation. Please consider a gift today. We need you to help us reach our goal! 

But that's not all!

Please consider making a special gift, and encourage your classmates to give, too! The class with the largest giving total will earn themselves a "Griffy" for Best Supporting Class!  

Our students are at the heart of everything we do at Chestnut Hill College and your gift will continue to help current and future students experience the best education, most supportive environment, and vast opportunities the College has to offer. So take a moment to visit our version of the Hollywood 'Chestnut' Hills and learn all about some of the A-list students who have been impacted by the generosity of your gift.

Want to give now? No problem! Click the “Give Now” button and your gift will count toward the Day of Giving total. Make sure you choose “Griffin Fund”!  

Give Now!

CHC Walk of Fame: Meet Our A-List Students!

Chloe YoungbloodChloe Youngblood ’24 worked so hard in high school, that she was able to graduate early, and at just 16 years old, entered CHC as a freshman. But her freshman year would prove more challenging than just getting to class on time and finishing assignments.  

“On Valentine’s Day of my freshman year, my dad passed away. Losing my dad that night was the biggest challenge that I faced, especially being a freshman and losing a parent so suddenly. Chestnut Hill College was so understanding as I sent multiple emails to my professors regarding the passing of my father. I got emails full of empathy and many Sisters told me of their experiences of their father’s passing suddenly in their lives, too.” 

After taking a leave of absence, Chloe returned to school and found strength in the CHC community and in her faith. “I was appreciative of the love and support I received from all of my professors. They all understood that I was still in shock. 

Through any challenges at school during my freshman year, God has been with me. As a result, I was successful in the end. I truly give God the credit because I was able to finish my freshman spring semester with all A’s and I was inducted into the honor society despite grieving the death of my father.” 

Chloe will be graduating in May. At just 20 years old, she’s gone through a lot, but her strength, resolve and resilience will only help her as she focuses on her ambitious goals.  

“My goal after graduating is to continue to work with my local/state government and non-governmental organizations such as the NAACP. Then I want to get my master’s in political science so I can teach civics to high school and college students. After all of this, I aspire to be a constitutional lawyer and possibly a representative or senator.” 

Congresswoman Youngblood has a nice sound to it! Good luck, Chloe! Your CHC family is rooting for you! 

Anthony PriceAnthony Price ’24 loved playing baseball and was looking forward to playing at the college level. But just as he was starting to think about college, life threw him a curve ball.  

“Right before my senior year, I caught a very rare infection. Along with losing 45 pounds and all of my muscle, I also lost the interest that colleges had expressed in me to play baseball. I felt like I had lost everything I ever wanted.”   

But CHC stepped in, and Anthony got the support he needed. He wasn’t going to sit on the bench for long.  

"Coach Spratt is the main reason I am in college and playing baseball again. He truly changed my life for the better. When I was sick, he stuck with me, making sure I got healthy and graduated on time. He told me not to worry about baseball until I was healthy again. Then after nine and a half months, I recovered. The minute I was cleared, Coach gave me the chance to play. I wouldn't be in college and about to graduate this May if it wasn't for Coach Spratt coming into my life.” 

When Griffins come together, we make a great team! 

Genesis Tejada ContrerasGenesis Tejada Contreras ’24 is an honors student and devoted Catholic with a major in Criminal Justice major and a minor in Psychology. Being an honors student requires a lot of hard work – something Genesis knows all about since she was very young. 

“I was born in the Dominican Republic but moved to the United States when I was 8. When I first came to the United States, I did not know any English. It was extremely hard to communicate with anyone let alone make friends.” 

But Genesis worked hard to master English and is now bilingual, a valuable skill as she prepares for a career in law enforcement.  

“I am an intern at a law firm this semester, and I look forward to applying to grad school soon. My plans after graduate school are to go into federal law enforcement.”  

We can’t wait to see Genesis graduate this May and on her way to a fulfilling career helping the community! 

Andrew LipsitzAndrew Lipsitz ’27 is currently in his third year in CHC’s prestigious Psychology Graduate Program. Being a student in a doctoral program as rigorous as CHC’s requires discipline, perseverance, and time-management skills. 

Born in Michigan and raised in Connecticut, Andrew grew up with his mom, dad, brother, and many furry friends. When he learned about Psychology, he knew it was the right fit for him. 

“Psychology was the first subject in school that I was excited about and I wanted to learn more on my own.” 

Now, Andrew juggles his time between studying, teaching a course in CHC's Master of Clinical and Counseling Psychology program, and working at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in South Philadelphia.  

“After I graduate from the program, I hope to first work as a psychologist at a group practice. I do not have a preference for a specific type of client, and I actually enjoy being a generalist at the moment. Once I am there for a few years, I would like to go into private practice and offer both psychotherapy and some psychological assessment (personality, ADHD, IQ testing). I want to focus on delivering mindfulness-based interventions to my future clients.” 

Helping others is a wonderful thing, and much needed in our world. We wish Andrew the best of luck in his studies and career!  

Mia CaporellieMia Caporellie ’24 is looking forward to graduating this May with a major in Business Administration and Accounting. A native of Downingtown, Mia has enjoyed being a part of CHC’s volleyball team.  

While competing with the team, Mia learned about strength, teamwork, and knowing what it means to be down, but not out. 

During this past volleyball season, we were down 2 sets to 0 against a conference rival. Being that you need 3 sets to win we were beginning to get discouraged. After rallying up some energy from within ourselves and from our crowd, we came back from behind to win the game 3 sets to 2, eventually allowing us to make it into the playoffs for the conference!” 

You can’t hold a good Griffin down! We look forward to hearing about more wins from Mia as she works towards her goals.  

Colby SeeligColby Seelig ’25 is a Marketing major with a minor in Communications. As a pitcher for the CHC baseball team and president of the Accounting and Business Club, Colby knows how to get things done. But things weren’t always easy for him, especially when he was young. 

“When I was in second grade, I was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. APD is when the ear hears, but the brain misinterprets what it hears. I also had short-term memory deficits. My mom and I would spend hours each night reinforcing what I learned at school as well as introducing new topics. She connected me with an amazing reading specialist who worked with me until I graduated from high school and helped me learn to read with understanding. I had to work on this for years.” 

Like many CHC students, his faith plays an important role in his life. 

“My personal faith is important to me, and I try to live my life and make my decisions based on this verse which is ‘Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for Men.’” 

Colby made the right choice coming to CHC where he could connect with his faith, get the support he needed from our amazing community. 

“Chestnut Hill College was a good choice for me because of the Accommodations Office as they helped make my transition to college successful. My professors have always been willing to explain concepts that I might have questions about. I have been on the Dean’s List all three years and last year was named to the CACC All-Academic Team and received the Division 2 ADA Academic Achievement Award. With hard work and the willingness to ask questions, anything is possible.” 

We are so proud of what Colby has already accomplished, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!  

Grace WelshGrace Welsh ’24 is an ambitious student. In addition to majoring in Secondary Education with minors in Special Education and International Affairs, she is also Vice President of the History Club, a member of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program and its Honors Council, and a member of the HERO Club. 

At 14 months old, Grace was adopted by a single mother, and brought to the U.S. from China. Before coming to CHC, Grace attended Immaculate Heart of Mary School and Bishop McDevitt High School. In addition to enjoying her cats and chihuahuas, she also enjoys competing in sports.  

In high school, I was on the volleyball team when we made it to the District 12 Championship. Through hard work and dedication, our team was able to beat our opponents and win the District 12 title! This win also secured our spot in the bracket for States.” 

After graduation this May, she is excited to start at West Chester University’s Graduate Program in History.  

Grace’s hard work and dedication make her an exemplary CHC student. The future looks bright for this smart, driven young woman! 

Nuncio DavidsonNuncio Davidson ’27 is a freshman who graduated from Father Judge High School in Northeast Philadelphia. The oldest of five brothers, Nuncio hopes to be a good role model for his siblings.  

“They're the reason I strive to be better, hoping to set an example they can follow.” 

He dreams of one day becoming a law enforcement agent. 

“One thing I hope to achieve is becoming a Philadelphia Police Officer. I believe studying under the criminal justice program at Chestnut Hill College will help me achieve my goals.” 

The Griffin Community is behind Nuncio all the way!