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Finding your tribe is a big part of the college experience, and Chestnut Hill College has been the birthplace of many lifelong friendships.

Not only does CHC offer a rigorous academic education, but it also offers an inclusive, close-knit community where students feel welcomed and ready to greet each other with open hearts.

Help us keep CHC strong with a gift to the Griffin Fund. Your gift of any size helps future Chestnut Hill College students not only find their path, but find each other.

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Griffins Make for Lifelong Friends!
Barbara's Story (Class of 1973)

black and white photo of two female graduates

“True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never by heart.” - Helen Keller. That sums up my feeling about the Class of ’73.

Our class, though mighty, was exceptionally small. Thus, we formed treasured friendships. Forty of us gathered for our 50th reunion last year and I value each friendship and the unique story behind it.

I was asked to reflect specifically on my friendship with Maureen Ryan Irwin, my reunion roommate. Rene (pronounced Reenie) and I met in the fall of 1969, in the Red Lounge returning to Fontbonne after our respective dates. She impressed me as energetic and full of fun. I later learned Rene is caring, a great listener and loyal. Rene always had my back, literally. When I had second-degree sunburn on my back after a day at the Jersey shore, it was Rene who took me to Chestnut Hill Hospital.

After graduation we continued to support each other through major life events. When a job opportunity brought the Irwins to my home town we lived less than a mile apart. Years later career choices took Rene away physically, but we stayed connected. We visited each other in CT, NY, and FL. We are skilled at talking on the phone for hours! We never miss a birthday. We are both most grateful for our shared CHC experience and friendship. Even more so, we are lucky to have a shared circle of extraordinary CHC friends. We collectively stay connected via e-mail and group texts. We have known these gals for decades and they are the best! Thank you, Chestnut Hill College.

Kathy's Story (Class of 1984)

group of women smiling

It was a hot August afternoon in 1980 when my mother and friends unceremoniously dropped me off at room 151, St. Joseph’s Hall in what was Hogan’s Alley. I had all my belongings, including my stack of Stevie Wonder LPs and a record player. I was at loose ends once I had unpacked and staked out the bottom bunk. Suddenly, a spritely, freckled face peeked into the room and proclaimed, “Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!” It was my hall neighbor and future bestie, Peggy.

Peg’s Mother and Aunt (an SSJ) had attended CHC, so she knew the lay of the land. Minutes after our introduction, Peggy was giving me a behind the scenes tour of the Rotunda, and even to the topmost forbidden floor above the stained-glass ceiling. Soon thereafter, Marianne moved in with Peggy… and we found ourselves on the banks of the Wissahickon. Later that afternoon, my roommate, Tara moved in from Baltimore, lacrosse stick in hand. And so, a bond was formed, and it was as though we had known each other all our lives. That is when I knew I was home.

Forty plus years later and I am blessed to call each of them my sisters.

Lynn's Story (Class of 1995)

group of females in a dorm room

These girls from the Class of ’95 – Nichole, Jillian, Amy, and Christine. Our friend group flows in various combinations over the years, coming together and apart and back together. Rooted in the memory of late-night dorm shenanigans, messages scrawled by hand and slipped under doors, and borrowed sweaters.

The 30 years since have brought the joy of babies and weddings and new jobs as well as the heartbreak that life so often brings. We have each other through it all.

We’re so grateful CHC brought us all together.

Steph's Story (Class of 2013)

two roomates unpacking in a dormI should have known when our first phone call lasted over an hour that Caitlin was going to become my best friend. We were paired up as roommates and it was truly meant to be, not only did we have the same prom dress and comforter, both of our moms made us lie about how organized we were on our college applications. Thanks, Moms!

Since our first phone call, we have experienced so much together; late night study sessions, early morning classes, some of the greatest Christmas Decorating Nights, graduation, finding our first “real” jobs, graduate school, getting stuck on a Ferris wheel together... I could go on! We’ve been there for

each other’s highs and lows. I know I can talk about anything with her, and she will be my biggest cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, a stand-up comedian, or whatever I need.

I will forever be grateful to CHC for putting us in Fournier 246 and to Caitlin for the years of friendship!

Jenna's Story (Class of 2018)

two people standing in front of Bob's Burgers movie sign

As a transfer student, I made friends with the incoming freshmen because we were all having a similar experience of attending a new college setting. I met most of my friends through orientation, including Jen and Tom who got married last summer. I was lucky enough to have been part of Jen's wedding party, along with fellow alumna Sarah. And now Sarah is getting married and I will be equally honored to be a part of her wedding this summer.

I joined the Mask and Foil theater club, which is where I met my best friend, Steve. We've lived together for two years now, going into our third. He's not only a great best friend, but a fantastic roommate and as close to a brother to me as one can get.

I've been beyond blessed to have made a fantastic collection of lifelong friends during my time at Chestnut Hill College. Staying connected over the years and to be such significant parts in each other's lives has meant the world to me because they're more than just my friends, they're like family.