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Giving to Chestnut Hill College

Back on campus! A note from the student perspective:


Dear Griffins,


My name is Rysean Grant and I am a senior criminal justice major originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I am involved in quite a few different groups here on campus: I’m a Resident Assistant, Student Ambassador, President of the Student Government Association, and participated in sprint football and track and field when sports were up and running.


This past year for me has been a whirlwind. It was very frustrating adapting to fully online learning. I was lucky enough to have a nice quiet room at home where I could take classes - I didn’t have many distractions. The most stressful thing for me outside of school was work. Being home for the semester, I wanted to help my parents and to start preparing for the future with a part time job. Even though it was stressful it was something I could and did do. It really proved to me how resilient I can be when I put my mind to the task.


These last few days back on campus have been really surreal for me. It still doesn’t feel real! It’s been amazing to see everyone on campus after experiencing the past 10 months. I missed this feeling of community and family here at Chestnut Hill College. The amazing people and the emotions that this campus provides is just like no other. You really feel part of a family at this school and during these times that sense of unity is the only way to stay positive.


I would like alumni to know that I am so thankful for all of the support they give to students like me. Thank you for making my time here at Chestnut Hill College so amazing.


Rysean Grant ’21


The best way to support current students is through the Griffin Fund.