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Institutes at Chestnut Hill College

Institutes at Chestnut Hill College

Institute for Forgiveness & Reconciliation

The Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation at Chestnut Hill College grows out of the legacy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and their mission of unity and love for all without distinction. This leads the Chestnut Hill College community to work for the healing of divisions within and among human persons and communities by promoting forgiveness and reconciliation at every level of life together. Learn more

The Institute for Religion and Science

The Institute is committed to nurturing the constructive engagement of Religion/Spirituality and Science/Technology, and to promoting a dialogue that is interfaith and multi-science. It aims to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking and discussion in contemporary society and to foster encounters of Religion with Science by means of lectures, conferences, workshops, dialogue groups, as well as activities that support the teaching of religion and science. Learn more


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