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Frequently Asked Questions for AADP

Frequently Asked Questions for AADP

This is my first time applying for college. What are the steps to get started?

To apply to the Accelerated Adult Degree Program of Chestnut Hill College (AADP), please contact us via phone (215-248-7063) or email (adultdegree@chc.edu) or schedule a visit with an admissions representative.

Students also can complete an online application.

What documents do I need to get started (high school diploma, GED, college transcript)?

Students must submit a photocopy of their high school diploma/transcript or their General Equivalency Diploma (GED) in addition to official transcripts for all colleges previously attended.

When is the deadline for admission?

We have a rolling admissions process. This means that students are able to complete an application at any time. If you are interested in applying, we recommend that you submit an application as soon as possible.

What is the application fee?

We do not charge an application fee. 

Are there additional fees once I apply?

Once accepted, there are tuition and general fees to attend the program. Our financial informational web page provides the details of costs associated with completing the AADP.

What is the cost/ tuition per credit?

The tuition cost per credit is $550 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

What are the requirements for international students?

International students are required to submit a TOEFL score (550 paper-based test, 79 internet-based, or 213 computer-based test), a WES evaluation of any secondary or post-secondary education achieved, a passport ID page, and a personal statement. International students born outside of the United States must meet with the Global Education Office to obtain SEVIS documentation. International students must: enroll as full-time student at Chestnut Hill College, have sufficient funds available for self-support during the entire proposed course of study, have adequate English proficiency, and maintain a residence abroad. Chestnut Hill College is approved by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It is authorized by the U.S. government to accept F-1 international students.

I have been out of school for many years, are there learning support services available for adult students?

At Chestnut Hill College, we are committed to helping our students succeed. The AADP is designed to help working adults continue their education. To that end, students have access to academic advising, a math center, a writing lab, career development, a counseling center, a tutoring center, Smarthinking online tutoring, computer labs, student financial services and the Logue Library -- which also can be accessed online.

Student services are available in the evening, on weekends, and by appointment. Our Smarthinking online tutoring currently offers 24/7 academic assistance.

What is the difference between an accelerated and traditional program? Is the course work more challenging in an accelerated program?

Traditional programs operate on a 15-week semester format. A student takes at least four courses (12 credits) concurrently for the entire length of the semester (15 weeks). A full-time student in a traditional program would complete 24 credits in one year.

With our accelerated program, a semester is divided into two sessions, each session lasting eight weeks. This allows students to cover more material in a shorter amount of time. The benefit of taking courses in an accelerated format is that full-time students are able to focus on two classes (6 credits) every eight weeks. Students who complete two classes during each eight-week session are considered full-time, making them eligible for financial aid.

Our AADP has six sessions per year, meaning that a full-time student could complete 36 credits in one year. You’ll have the option of completing the degree program at a pace that fits your goals; we have classes available in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate busy schedules. Some students even opt to take one course (3 credits) per eight-week session.

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What majors/programs do you offer?

Chestnut Hill College's offers the AADP in the following areas:

The program offers Bachelor's and Associate's degrees, in addition to a certificate program in Digital Forensics.

Degrees offered:

  • Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
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What should I do if I am undecided on a major/program? Am I able to register for classes if I am undecided?

Students who have not determined a program of study are able to register for courses.  You can request an appointment with an admissions representative. Our caring staff in admissions and academic advising work to help students turn their passions into careers. New students also have access to all support services.

Can I register my classes online?

Initial registration will occur after a student is admitted and has met with an admissions representative. After the first semester, students are able to register for their classes using the online myCHC portal or through their academic advisor by appointment or email at adultdegree@chc.edu.

How do I withdraw from a course?

If a student plans to withdraw from a course, they must do so before the session begins. Changes in registration can be requested via email. If you are withdrawing from a course, you're advised to adultdegree@chc.edu as soon as possible, as doing so before the session start date will prevent additional fees.

How many credits am I able to transfer from my previous college/university?

Students can transfer a maximum of 75 credits and must complete a minimum of 45 credits at Chestnut Hill College in order to earn a degree.

My previous grades were poor. Does that matter?

Only grades of "C" or better are transferrable. Only the credit is transferred.

Are my previous college credits too old to transfer?

Transfer credits are evaluated on an individual basis. Courses more than 10 years old will be reviewed by the program department. Official transcripts from all previous institutions are required and must be submitted.

Is there a way I can receive credit for life or professional experience?

Yes, students are eligible to receive credit for prior learning experiences outside of the classroom. Credit for prior learning options include: the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Challenge Exams, Internships or Portfolio Assessment.

Our school recognizes 15 approved CLEP credits at the American Council on Education (ACE)- recommended level. Each CLEP examination is equivalent to one three-credit course. CLEP credits are recorded on the academic transcript as transfer credits and are not calculated in the cumulative GPA. More information can be found on the website: https://clep.collegeboard.org/started.

With challenge examinations, an instructor creates an exam based on the student-learning outcomes of a particular course. Up to 12 credits can be applied through a challenge exam. A grade of “C” or better is required.

With portfolio/prior learning assessments, students must demonstrate their knowledge from prior work and life experience. Up to 15 credits can be applied through a portfolio/prior learning assessment. 

What is the class format/schedule? How often do classes meet?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all spring 2021 classes are remote. Classes in the Accelerated Adult Degree Program are conducted in eight-week sessions that meet once a week. Classes are held in the evenings from 6:00 PM–10:00 PM, on Saturday mornings from 8:30 AM–12:30 PM, and on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM, using a traditional classroom environment and/or a hybrid format. The hybrid mode of delivery integrates traditional classroom lectures, discussions, exercises, and experiential learning with online instruction using Blackboard software.

Can I take classes at other locations?

For our students’ convenience, Chestnut Hill College offers accelerated degree courses at three locations: the main campus in Chestnut Hill and Montgomery County Community College in Pottstown and Blue Bell.

Does the college offer online courses?

At this time, the college offers online, hybrid and face-to-face courses.

What is the difference between online and hybrid?

Online courses are classes that students complete entirely through an online learning platform.

Hybrid courses (also known as blended or mixed-mode courses) are courses in which a significant portion (50%) of the learning activities have been moved online, and time traditionally spent in the classroom face-to-face is reduced (but not eliminated). The goal of hybrid courses is to pair the best features of face-to-face teaching with the best options of online learning to promote active and independent learning. 

How do I apply for financial aid?

Applying for financial aid can be a very easy process but must be done each year. Everything begins with filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is the only application that Chestnut Hill College requires. Our All About the FAFSA link provides instructions. Chestnut Hill College’s Federal code is: 003245.

Does the college offer financial assistance?

Our Student Financial Services Office provides assistance and information regarding fees, payment arrangements and financial aid. Prospective students can email finaid@chc.edu or call 215.248.7182 if they have questions or concerns.

Are scholarships available for adult learners?

SCPS offers discounts through various agreements and partnerships. A full list can be accessed by visiting our financial aid page.

What is the student to instructor ratio?

The student to instructor ratio is 15:1. Our small class size allows for increased interaction, individual attention, and instructor mentorship.

How many hours should I dedicate for studying?

It is recommended that students commit three hours of study time each week for every 1 credit attempted. Chestnut Hill College offers many services to support our adult students in need of academic assistance. We also offer a Professional Practices Seminar each session. Students also should consult their instructors on best practices, as all instructors provide a syllabus with class expectations and requirements.

Are students allowed to take more than one course at a time? What is the maximum amount of classes I can register for?

Full-time students take two classes (6 credits) per eight-week session. Adult learners have the option of completing the degree program at a pace that fits their needs.

Students who wish to complete the maximum amount of courses can take three classes (9 credits) per eight-week session. Students who wish to enroll in three classes must maintain a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher and must have completed at least fifteen credits at Chestnut Hill College.

How long will it take me to graduate?

A new student with no prior college experience attempting two classes per session (full-time) can expect to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in about 3.5 years. A full-time student that begins the program with 60 transfer credits is able to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in about 18-24 months.

Is there more than one graduation ceremony?

There is one college-wide commencement ceremony held each year in May. There are two additional degree conferral periods in August and December for students who fulfill degree requirements.  We encourage August and December degree recipients to participate in the college-wide commencement ceremony held in May.