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Bachelor of Science
Molecular Biology
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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology is the study of life with emphasis at the molecular level. It is a field for unusually curious but analytical minds with its central foundation on the structure and manipulation of DNA. Molecular biology strives toward understanding the molecular bases that govern the principles of life to effectively eliminate disease and genetic disorders with high specificity often at the atomic level. It incorporates the related field of biotechnology and is oriented toward exciting technological advances based primarily in the development sensitive molecular assays, typically to diagnose and treat a variety of disease states. Molecular biology also advances our understanding of the intricate workings of the cell and complex tissue systems.  

Why Study Molecular Biology at CHC?

The science faculty members at Chestnut Hill College are very skilled in critical sub-disciplines related to molecular biology, including but not limited to: biotechnology, recombinant DNA technology, and experience in basic and biomedical research. The class sizes are small, affording individualized and close interaction with faculty members in the Center. 

Along with classroom instruction from these highly qualified and experienced professors, students receive a well-rounded liberal arts education, complete with the skills each student needs to succeed in future endeavors.

In addition, Chestnut Hill College sponsors a very successful annual Bio-medical Seminar Series, inviting prominent speakers in cutting-edge fields of basic and medical research. The series, which celebrates almost 30 years of distinguished speakers since 1994, provides a forum to review and discuss recent advances in bio-medical research and fosters meaningful interactions with our neighboring major basic and medical research institutions.

This program offers:

  • Major: Molecular Biology
  • Minor: Molecular Biology

Career Outlook

At Chestnut Hill College, graduates of the biology department have been placed in reputable graduate and pre-professional schools, furthering the foundation of knowledge instilled in them during their undergraduate career. Students with a degree in molecular biology present themselves as more highly attractive candidates to secure opportunities both at the graduate and professional level. Our students have gone on to earn advanced degrees at Cornell University, Temple University, Vanderbilt University and University of Pennsylvania among other highly ranked programs across the country. 

Potential careers and opportunities include:

  • Technicians in major pharmaceutical and biotech companies 
  • Research technicians or associates at major academic institutions
  • Allied health care technicians


Majors are required to conduct research in Molecular Biology as part of their Senior Seminar requirement. The Philadelphia area offers rich opportunities for bio-medical research. According to the NSF, Pennsylvania ranks eighth in the country for R&D spending ($8.8 billion). As a result, internships and apprenticeships are vast and readily available to excelling students. Interns have been placed in large pharmaceutical companies including Merck and other specialized allied health related companies such as Myoderm in Norristown as well as nearby academic research centers.  The research experience gained by students helps to integrate academic learning with practical hands-on experience. It has not been uncommon for our students to gain full-time employment from an internship.

Contact info

If you are interested in becoming a Molecular Biology major at Chestnut Hill College, please email the Natural and Behavioral Sciences Center at sciences@chc.edu