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One Campus on Two Hills

One Campus on Two Hills

Watercolor image of Chestnut Hill

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At Chestnut Hill College, we are privileged to be an active partner in one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas of the city. Chestnut Hill has been our home since 1924, and we are committed to preserving the beauty of our community.  Like you, we care deeply about this community.

For 18 months, the College has been negotiating with its neighbors and the Chestnut Hill Community Association to reach agreement on the College’s planned expansion at our main campus and at nearby SugarLoaf Hill.

Our goal always has been to reach consensus on allowing the College to grow while preserving the character of the neighborhood. We have collaboratively created an innovative Master Plan and a proposed Institutional Development District (IDD) zoning designation to guide the development process. We believe that together, they form a vision that imposes permanent limits on construction, aggressively protects the treasured Wissahickon Creek and watershed, and provides a way for Chestnut Hill College and our neighbors to live in harmony.

Thanks to the hard work of the negotiating team, including the members of the Community Association and our “near” neighbors, the Master Plan has seen numerous changes, including:

  • a provision to voluntarily restrict new construction to levels that are far below those of traditional IDDs;
  • an agreement by the College to place a significant portion of the land on SugarLoaf into a permanent conservation easement that would bar future development of any kind;
  • a major replanting program to preserve the wooded character of the property.

Come and see for yourself what we envision and how we hope to build our Campus on Two Hills.