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Don't Stall Just Call

Don't Stall Just Call

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Don’t Stall, Just Call is an alcohol poisoning education program for university, college & high school students and their families. Their mission is to educate all students and communities on the best way to prevent senseless alcohol-related deaths: recognizing the signs of dangerous intoxication and calling for help.



Mary Ciammetti, whose 20-year-old son died from alcohol poisoning in 2015, recently spoke to students at Chestnut Hill College about the tragic consequences of binge drinking as part of her education initiative, “Don’t Stall, Just Call.” The event, held at the College on Jan. 23, featured a speech and presentation by Ciammetti, the founder of the nonprofit CTC Wellness Foundation and creator of “Don’t Stall, Just Call.” Ciammetti established “Don’t Stall, Just Call” after her youngest son, Christian, a junior landscape architecture major at Temple University, died from alcohol poisoning in 2015 at the age of 20. The goal of the program is to educate young people on the dangers of binge drinking, the warning signs of alcohol poisoning and the steps one can take to quickly help someone affected by it. READ MORE

For more information, visit: https://www.dontstalljustcall.org



What is BAC and How to Calculate It?

Many people have heard of BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels, and what can happen if they’re too high and law enforcement gets involved, but not everyone understands how the process works. BAC levels are used to determine if a person should be able to operate a motor vehicle legally. How this determination is made consists of several parts and processes. this guide will explain what BAC is, why it’s important to know your level before making decisions, and what the consequences of some of those decisions might be. Please visit the Alchohol Addiction Center website to access a BAC Calculator, which you can use anytime you are out to help keep track of what you are drinking, how much you are drinking and how this could impact your motor skills such as the ability to get behind the wheel of a car.

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