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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

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"A holistic education broadens one’s mind beyond a chosen major."

Kelly Dunlevy, Class of 2015
Biology Major

"A holistic education broadens one’s mind beyond their chosen major.  Being able to draw from many different subjects, and the different patterns of critical thinking they require, provides opportunities to look at a situation in a new way, fosters creative thinking, and allows new ways to relate to others we may meet along life’s path. In addition, holistic education also allows the opportunity to discover new interests, and further explore existing ones."

Kelly's Internship

“For the past two summers, I have worked in the research at Fox Chase Cancer Center. The summer after my freshman year, I worked as a volunteer in a lab that studies blood cell development and blood cell related cancers, using zebrafish as a model for such processes in human subjects. This summer, I am working as a Summer Assistant with a research stipend in a lab that studies the epigenetic control of gene expression which simply means how important regulatory genes are turned on or off in a very precise and timely fashion within the cell." 

Kelly's Activities:

Sigma Zeta, National Mathematics and Science Honor Society
Alpha Lambda Delta,National Honor Society for First Year Students 
President CHC Archery Club 
Commuter Club

Kelly's Perspective
Program Information

Molecular Biology is the study of life with emphasis at the molecular level. It is a field for unusually curious but analytical minds and is relatively new, having its foundation on the structure and manipulation of DNA. Molecular biology strives toward understanding the molecular bases that govern the principles of life to effectively eliminate disease and genetic disorders with high specificity often at the atomic level. It incorporates the related field of biotechnology and is oriented toward providing the basis to further advancements in biology.

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Major and Minor Requirements

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Class Experiences

At Chestnut Hill College, graduates of the biology department have been placed in reputable graduate and pre-professional schools, furthering the foundation of knowledge instilled while at the College. Students with a degree in molecular biology present themselves as more highly attractive candidates to secure opportunities both at the graduate and professional level. Our students have gone on to earn degrees at Cornell University, Temple University, Purdue University and University of Pennsylvania among other highly ranked programs across the country.

The faculty members at Chestnut Hill are skilled in critical sub-disciplines in biology including but not limited to organismal biology, molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, biotechnology and Human Genome Research. The class sizes are small, affording individualized and close interaction with faculty members of the department. Along with classroom instruction from these highly qualified and experienced professors, students receive a well-rounded liberal arts education, complete with the skills to help each individual succeed in his/her future endeavors.

In addition, Chestnut Hill College sponsors a very successful annual Biomedical Seminar Series, inviting prominent speakers in cutting-edge fields of basic and medical research. This provides a forum to review and discuss recent advances in bio-medical research and fosters meaningful interactions with our neighboring major basic and medical research institutions.


Majors are required to conduct research in the Molecular Biology as part of their Senior Seminar requirement. The Philadelphia area is very rich in opportunities for bio-medical research. According to the NSF, Pennsylvania ranks eighth in the country for R&D spending ($8.8 billion). As a result, internships and apprenticeships are vast and readily available to excelling students. The research experience gained by students helps to integrate academic learning with practical hands-on experience. It has not been uncommon for our students to gain full-time employment from an internship.

Contact Information

Take some time and think about Biology as your major. It is a critical decision We encourage you to call us so that we can help you sort through all your options. For more information, call:

Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Biology
Associate Professor

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