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Alumni Q & A with …

Alumni Q & A with …

Alexis Jansen
Alexis Jansen '15

Name: Alexis Jansen ’15

Major: B.A. in Psychology

Q: Where do you work and what is your title?

A: I am a graduate student at Stony Brook University in the Higher Education Administration program, and a graduate assistant in the office of the Dean of Students. I am also a bank teller for Capital One Bank.

Q: Tell us about your experience.

A: Honestly, I got lucky with my assistantship because I have a family friend who connected me to the job. Stony Brook does what CHC does, however, and posts employment, practicum and assistantship opportunities on Blackboard so students can see them and apply. Last semester I was in this office working for a paycheck. This semester I am in the same role, but it is a practicum for course credit and not financial compensation. 

Q: What do you do at the bank?

A: I am responsible for providing a positive customer service experience, as well as adhering to bank policies, operations and procedures, and acting in accordance with customer confidentiality protocols. 

Q: What is your job like in the office of the Dean of Students?

A: I am responsible for assisting in the planning of events sponsored by the office as well maintaining the website and social media pages. Last spring I was on the committee for Brookfest, a large concert that Stony Brook hosts every year. Our headliner last was DNCE, and it was a great experience for both the planning committee and the students who attended.  

Q: What advice would you give to undergrads?

A: Just enjoy your time on campus and with one another, and don’t forget to take advantage of the many amazing people, places, events and opportunities you have around you at all times at CHC, in the town of Chestnut Hill and the city of Philadelphia. Also, if you have the time to volunteer or go on a retreat with campus ministry, they really are fun and eye-opening experiences at little to no cost for you. Definitely consider them.  

Q: What do you miss most about CHC?

A: What I miss the most about CHC is the sense of family and community that the campus provided. I miss walking through the hallways and being greeted by people who were genuinely happy to see me and wanted to know how my day was. I miss spending time with great friends after a full day of classes in our dorm lounge. And of course, I miss Griffin and Kostka.  

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