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Psychology Department

Psychology Department

At Chestnut Hill College, Psychology is one of the largest and most comprehensive majors offered. In addition to a B.A. degree, students can pursue both masters and doctoral level studies right here at the College. Also, for the most exceptional and committed students there is a combined program which allows one to receive a B.A. in Psychology as well as an M.S. in Counseling at an accelerated pace.

Male student standing and talking to a female student.  Teacher in background at the blackboard
counselor and client


Counselor and client
Career Opportunities

Often, undergraduate majors go on to earn graduate degrees in specific areas to work in a variety of fields according to their interests and talents. Clinical psychologists and counselors are able to practice therapeutic techniques in hospitals, mental health clinics or services, in colleges or universities, research laboratories, or in private practice.

Some psychologists choose to concentrate on research endeavors and find academic institutions where they can focus on an area of interest, such as human development, psychological testing, physiological psychology, or industrial/organizational psychology. In industry, law or other settings, psychologists can be consultants on organizational problems, environmental issues, public policy, consumer issues, advertising, sports or survey research and opinion polls.

The opportunities to find a meaningful and interesting future using training in psychology are numerous, varied and interesting. These include:

  • psychiatrist
  • clinical psychologist or psychoanalyst
  • licensed clinical social worker or specialized counselor
  • college professor
  • sports psychologist
  • organizational consultant
  • forensic psychologist
  • survey or polling expert
Student studying


Student studying
Honors Program

Students who qualify with a 3.2 career GPA and 3.5 major GPA, who are of junior or senior standing, who have completed at least four psychology courses and who rank in the top 35% of their graduating class, may be invited to join Psi Chi, the National Psychology Honor Society, an affiliate of both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society.

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If you are interested in becoming a psychology major at Chestnut Hill College, please contact Meredith Kneavel, Ph.D (