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History and Political Science Department

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History and Political Science Department
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The History Major or minor provides students with a deep awareness of the importance of the historical perspective through courses ranging from ancient times until the present. The student has the opportunity to learn about the self and to analyze historical consciousness. History students are prepared for a wide variety of careers: law, paralegal work, public service, diplomatic service, communications, secondary school teaching, college/university teaching, museums, archives and historical societies, and graduate school.

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Political Science

As a Political Science major and graduate of Chestnut Hill, you will grow into an actively involved and intelligent citizen of the global community. Through courses that range from Constitutional Law to Politics in the Middle East, CHC's curriculum is not only one of diversification but also one that allows students to discover their niche and to experience all facets of the political landscape in the process. 

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International Affairs

The Global Affairs major is an interdisciplinary major designed to prepare students for careers in the globalized world of the 21st century. Global Affairs majors start with a common set of courses and then choose a concentration focusing on global themes such as international conflict and cooperation, the global economy, transnational social justice issues, science and the environment, or the global arts. Study in Global Affairs gives students the foundational skills to pursue careers in varied fields such as the law, government, business, public administration, journalism, civil service, education, and NGOs, among others. 


Legal Studies, Women's Studies

The Women's Studies minor offers a range of courses that focus on women in a variety of disciplines including Art History, English, Foreign Language, History, Music, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology.

The Legal Studies minor aims to provide students with a broad conceptual framework for understanding the institutions and practices of the law in society. It is not designed to provide legal or paralegal training as found in law schools or paralegal institutes. Instead, the Legal Studies minor encourages students to think about how the law works for individuals as well as how our legal system supports and is affected by other civil institutions.