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International Affairs

International Affairs


The International Affairs major is an interdisciplinary major that takes a deep dive into our ever-increasing interconnected world and prepares students for careers in the globalized world of the 21st century. The major is designed to be customizable to a student’s particular interests with the aim of acquiring the tools necessary for tackling current and emerging international issues. Some specific areas that our most recent graduates have pursued are:

  • Peacekeeping
  • Social Justice and Human Rights
  • Global Environmental Issues
  • International conflict and cooperation
  • Global Economics
  • Global Arts

What some of our most recent alumni are doing:

Elizabeth Legesse, London School of Economics, Masters in Gender, Development and Globalization

Shanti Panza, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Education Coordinator

Alexandra McCown, University of New England, Masters of Social Work candidate


Alex McCown (class of 2020): 

"Majoring in International Affairs helped me to think about real-world problems in an informed, multi-dimensional, and nuanced way."

Kristiane Simmons (Class of 2020)

"The International Affairs course offerings gave me the change to explore various economic theories, human geography, financial concepts, business practices, and diverse political systems. These courses developed my interdisciplinary understanding of international relations. My semester abroad in Chile has given me the skills to succeed in the global job market and make lifelong friends all over the world. Sr. Maria Kostka Logue, SSJ said that Chestnut Hill College "will prepare you to learn how to earn a living, because you must. But you are here to learn how to live." Chestnut Hill College has more than lived up to that statement."

Gionna Pembroke (class of 2020)

"The International Affairs major has opened many doors for me. In one summer, I traveled to Washington D.C. on scholarship and attended PLEN's Global Policy Seminar. I met women from the Hill, Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of State, ambassadors, and a variety of non-governmental organizations. That same summer, I went close to home and interned for Philadelphia City Councilman David Oh as a research intern for his Global Opportunities and Creative/Innovative Economy Committee. The following Fall, I traveled to Bruges, Belgium and attended Howest University's Migration & Refugees (Social Work) program. The International Affairs major at CHC is incredibly flexible, and you can explore your interests in global policy, public policy, international business, diplomacy, and social work quite easily."

Alex Groce (Class of 2020) 

"The International Affairs major offers a world of opportunities to those who pursue its study. There is a myriad of advantages that the major has to offer. The subject matter itself is exceedingly captivating in scope, never leaving the student bored or disenchanted. Since events develop constantly around the world and geo-political situations develop, the major provides the tools to understand their potential implications as well as provide the student a deeper understanding of what it means to be a global citizen in an interconnected world. For myself, the major has provided an incredibly strong base for further graduate school study as well as work in international environments. It pushes the student to be flexible and in some ways be a jack-of-all-trades that is invaluable in any situation. If there is any desire to study the world, geo-political events, and world politics, then this program will go above and beyond in fulfilling those desires. The major is not easy at times, critical thinking skills and the ability to weave together a coherent argument will be tested and pushed, however a student that completes this program will walk away ready to take on whatever the career world throws their way."


Student Testimonials
Jobs After Graduation

All international Affairs graduates will be well positioned to pursue career or graduate study that requires a sophisticated international and intercultural understanding of our world today. Potential career paths include:

  • Diplomacy
  • International Law
  • Environmental (and other public policy) Advocacy
  • International Development, Finance and Economics
  • International Security
  • Human Rights Specialist
  • Education (at all levels)
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Major Requirements

International Affairs majors are required to take:

Course Credits
One Global Awareness Seminar or Special Topics in Global Studies Course 3
Three International Affairs Core Electives 9
Four Additional International Affairs Core Electives (in Concentrations) 12
One Global Justice Elective 3
One International Relations course (World Politics or Theories of International Relations) 3
One Political Theory elective 3
Courses in one of the following skill competencies: Foreign Language, Data Analysis, Communication for Advocacy 6 or 12 (depending on compentency)
One Public Speaking course (COMM253: Public Speaking) 3
One Technological Proficiency course (CMTC203: Data Analysis Using MSExcel or CSEC140: Legal Issues in Cybersecurity or CMDF281: Introduction to GIS Mapping) 1 credit (minimum)
Internship in International Affairs 3
Senior Seminar in International Affairs 3
Total 49 credit (minimum) 

For more information, click here to read the course catalog (see page 115). 

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All International Affairs majors gain experiential learning through internationally-oriented internships, a requirement for the major. Our most recent graduates have interned in nongovernmental organizations as youth representatives to large international institutions such as the United Nations, in state and local governmental organizations as legislative researchers, in public policy think-tanks as analysts and in private practice law firms.

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Recent Senior Seminar Projects

The Senior Seminar is a culminating point in the International Affairs student experience - the capstone of the program in which students craft an original research project. Here are some of the most recent papers:

Alexander Groce 2020 "The Spanish VOX Party: Permanent Politcal Actor or Temporary Far-Right Phenomenon?"
Gionna Pembroke 2020 "Sanctuary Cities: Playgrounds for Intragovernmental Struggles"
Mykayla Milchling 2020 "The Disenfranchised: Black Communities' Struggle to Vote in the U.S. and U.K."
Kristiane Simmons 2020 "Chile's Membership in the Belt and Road Initiative: How Does it Affect their Political Relationship with China?"
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Contact Information

Jacqueline C. Reich, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science
Coordinator, Political Science and International Affairs 

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