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International Affairs

International Affairs

The International Affairs major is an interdisciplinary major that prepares students for careers in the globalized world of the 21st century. The major is designed to be customizable to a student’s particular interests. International Affairs majors start with a common set of courses and then choose a concentration focusing on a global theme, such as:

(Choose one concentration)

· international conflict and cooperation

· the global economy

· transnational social justice issues

· science and the environment

· global arts

International Affairs majors also take several courses in a chosen skill set so that they will have the tools for tackling current and emerging international issues:

(Choose one skill set)

· Foreign Language and Culture (intermediate language proficiency in Spanish, French, German, Russian or Italian and cultural proficiency skills for careers in inter-governmental and corporate relations)

· Data Analysis (math and computer technology coursework for data analysis techniques appropriate for international business, international organization, and government settings)

· Communication for Advocacy (communication and computer technology coursework for "getting out the message” skills to advocate for solutions to environmental, political and social justice challenges)

All International Affairs majors gain experiential learning through internationally-oriented internships.

International Affairs graduates will apply their skills and knowledge to problems that require deep understanding of historical and contemporary global trends. They will be well placed to pursue careers or graduate study that require a sophisticated international and intercultural understanding of our world today.

Program Information

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Contact Information

Jacqueline C. Reich, Ph.D.
International Affairs major advisor

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