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Academic Discovery Program

Academic Discovery Program

Are you uncertain about the major or course of study you want to pursue in college?  You aren't alone! Nearly half of all students enter colleges and universities undecided or unsure about their major or course of study.  Over 70% of all students change their major at least once. 

At Chestnut Hill College, we recognize that students need time to determine their path of study.  That's why we've developed the Academic Discovery Program (ADP), a program for up to three semesters designed for first and second-year students who are uncertain about their course of study.

By Choosing ADP, You Are Provided the Following:

1. An Academic Advisor with whom you meet regularly to discuss:

  • Academic interests;
  • Potential career paths; and
  • Customized and collaborative course registration process with ADP Academic Advisor to ensure discovery classes are chosen in the correct sequence.

2. Five Courses chosen from the list below, focused on academic and career discovery:

  • Foundations in Liberal Arts (FILA) - special section for ADP students
  • First-Year Initiative (FYI) - special section fro ADP students
  • One Art or Music course of your choice; or
  • One Social Science course of your choice; or
  • Science, History or English course of your choice; or
  • One Foreign Language course (determined via Griffin Day testing); or
  • One Math course (determined via Griffin Day testing)

3. Participation in the Career Readiness Certificate Program, sponsored by Career Development.

4. Engagement in Service Projects; Establishment in Academic/Social Events Through Participation in Academic Lecture Dinners with ADP Academic Advisor.

By the end of your first year, you'll be on track to pursue a course of study that suits you!

Common Misconceptions About Choosing to be an Undecided Major:

“You won’t get into the program courses you need.”   - False; here at CHC there are over 60 courses offered each semester across a variety of subject areas that do not require prerequisites.

“It’s harder to make friends.” –False; not only will you get to know other ADP students through your living community, but you will attend campus events several times a semester with your ADP Advisor and your fellow ADP peers!

“You won’t graduate on time.” – False; here at CHC, we have designed the ADP program with your time in mind; after you deposit and take your placement tests during Griffin Day, you are registered with a customized ADP schedule built in conjunction with yourself, your ADP Academic Advisor and the Registrar’s Office that allows you to explore various majors offered at CHC without falling behind!

“It’s expensive.” – False; time is money and we know your time is valuable!  This is why we focus on having our ADP students choose their major by their 3rd semester at CHC; this way you won’t fall behind and risk graduating over the four-year mark.  We want you to be successful, which to us means graduating on-time and as debt-free as possible!

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