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The Interdisciplinary Honors Program (IDHP) challenges highly qualified students to pursue a creatively different approach to the liberal arts. The program offers seminars that promote liberal education by stressing interconnections among different fields of study and by challenging students and faculty alike to learn and to teach.

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Chestnut Hill College has partner universities all around the world and CHC students are encouraged to take a semester to study abroad. CHC also has over 100 international students on our campus and Global Learning is a vital part of the curriculum. 

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CHC’s co-curricular approach is designed to give students additional, hands-on avenues for learning and development in addition to what they learn inside the classroom. At CHC, we stress co-curricular involvement through clubs, organizations, sports, volunteer activities or other pursuits.

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Chestnut Hill College is a proud member of the NCAA Division II Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference. Being a member of DII offers students opportunities both in the classroom and on the courts and fields, as athletics helps build character, collaboration, time-management skills, and much more. Students competing on athletic teams are consistently involved in academics and campus life, in addition to the rigors of being a student-athlete.