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Peer Concussion Education Program Manual

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The main goal of the Chestnut Hill College Peer Concussion Education Program (CHC-PCEP) is to create a culture where student-athletes are stakeholders along with coaches, health care personnel and administrators with respect to concussion education, assessment, reporting and management.

This online manual contains all of the information and materials needed for others to implement the program at their institution. The materials, including downloadable powerpoint presentations and activity sheets, are customizable in order to meet the unique needs of a range of institutions including colleges, universities, high schools and military units.  In addition, this manual contains video segments that describe the program from the perspectives of the interdisciplinary team at CHC responsible for its development and implementation. 

Using the Table of Contents to the right, you can implement the Peer Concussion Education Program at your institution.

Please click here to go to the Center for Concussion Education and Research.

William Ernst, Psy. D.,
Associate Professor of Psychology
Executive Director, Center for Concussion Education and Research
Chestnut Hill College                                                                                                                      


Meredith Kneavel, Ph.D. 
Professor of Psychology
Director of Research and Assessment, Center for Concussion Education and Research 
Chestnut Hill College                                                                                                                                                                            



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Table of Contents


Program Model & Rationale

5 Step Approach for Implementing the Program

1: Form Interdisciplinary Team to Implement and Assess the Program 

2: Select Peer Concussion Educators 

3: Train Peer Concussion Educators

4: Peer Concussion Educators Present Modules to Teammates

5: Debrief and Assess the Program

All Training Materials and Videos

Suggestions for Modifications to Other Groups


About Us


The development of the Peer Concussion Education Program was made possible, in part, with support from the National Collegiate Athletic Association - U.S. Department of Defense Mind Matters Educational Program Challenge Award. Please click on the link above for additional acknowledgments.

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Sandy Dickson

This manual is dedicated to the memory of Sandra L. Dickson. Sandy was the head women’s soccer coach at Chestnut Hill College (CHC) from 2011 until her passing in 2019 and was named the College’s first Director of Fitness and Recreation. In addition to her distinguished coaching career at CHC and Bloomsburg University, Sandy was respected for her strong work ethic, thoughtfulness and the care that she demonstrated toward her student-athletes, which are reflected in her contributions to the CHC Peer Concussion Education Program and this manual.