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Jacqueline C. Reich, Ph.D.

Jacqueline C. Reich, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
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Faculty Spotlight

 Over the course of three weeks, the group worked with several congregations and served in various ministries that engage in longer-term services such as helping in the pediatric and maternity wards — including attending births and teaching young mothers how to care for their babies — teaching needy children at the kindergarten, primary and secondary levels, working alongside refugees at a vocational center and caring for extremely handicapped, and thus “unadoptable,” orphans.

Also over the summer, Dr. Reich submitted the article, “Sustaining Global Learning: Principals, Agents, and Pitfalls,” now under review for publication in the Journal for Global Education and Research. The article investigates the dynamics between three sets of stakeholders in global education at institutions of higher education — administrators, faculty and staff — and uses insights from Principal-Agent Theory to explain why global education programs may stall after initial success. The article includes recommendations on courses of action to be taken by each group of stakeholders to help global education programs survive and even thrive at institutions of higher education.  

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