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Christmas Decorating on Campus

Christmas Decorating on Campus

November 26, 2023 to December 1, 2023
Chestnut Hill College

Please consider joining us again as we continue to build on and modernize one of CHC's oldest traditions! The tradition of Christmas Decorating began in 1924 with the first graduating class of 1928.  At the time, only Seniors participated in decorating and they considered it a gift to the College faculty and administration, especially the Sisters who all lived on campus.  For many years, this tradition took place on the Thursday following Thanksgiving and students decorated all night. 

Now, held over a one weel period, students, faculty, staff, and alums are all invited to participate in groups to decorate the various areas of campus. Groups must sign up by Monday, November 20th at 5pm. Locations will be assigned and instructions on borrowing from the Christmas closet will go out to all groups. There will be a prize for the winning group based on execution of this year's theme, Christmas Stories. Help us make csmpus festive this holiday season!

For any questions, contact studentlife@chc.edu

Open/Applies to: 
Prospective Students
All Current Students