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Diversity Resources

Diversity Resources

A Message of Peace and Solidarity from Sister Carol, CHC President

Dear Members of the College Community,

I am sitting staring at the blank page before me wondering where and how to begin to write a meaningful message when we have witnessed the unspeakable. Some believe that the violence we watch on various forms of media numbs the mind to hostile aggression, that we somehow can no longer distinguish between fiction and reality. At one point, I might have given some credence to that belief, but no longer. The sight of George Floyd on the ground, crushed into the pavement with unrelenting persistence by the knee of a police officer, until he passed out and died is too outrageously incredible, too cruelly inhumane, too horribly haunting to be forgotten. Few scenes are as real. We watched an unarmed man in police custody, in a prone position, saying “I can’t breathe,” die at the hands of an unconscionable arresting officer. The three fellow officers present did nothing to stop the policeman’s reprehensible behavior while also ignoring the crowd calling for the abuse to cease.

Read the rest of Sister's Letter here.

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Additional Resources

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