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For Employers - How to Post Jobs

Create a FREE account on Handshake!

Handshake: job posting platform

  • What can be posted: Full-Time, Part-Time, Internships, Co-op, Seasonal, Work Study, and Local positions
  • Post directly by logging onto JoinHandshake.com

Neighborhood families can also post on Handshake

On Handshake, you can post personal type jobs. These types of jobs typically include roles such as babysitting, caretaking, tutoring, etc. These types of jobs are ideal for students who want to make a supplemental income while having flexible hours to accommodate other commitments.

If you'd like to post personal jobs, we advise you to create an employer account with a personal email address. Read more about Registering for an Employer Account with a Generic Email Address.


Handshake Guidelines

To post a personal job on Handshake, an employer must follow the following guidelines:

Register their employer account with a generic email address

  • If you're already connected with your organization on Handshake, you may create a secondary employer account to post your personal jobs. Learn How to Create a New Company Profile.

  • Note: personal jobs cannot be posted on actual organization pages, i.e. the company you work for.

  • List a personal FB or Linkedin page as their website
    • A college website may be listed as your website (only if instructed by the college the job will be posted to)
  • Use "LASTNAME Family" or any other similar term as their company profile name

Best Practices

We recommend reviewing the school's recruiting policies on their own website before asking for approval or posting your job. This will help ensure that you are adhering to their guidelines and expectations.

However, if you don't find any information on their website, or need clarification, we encourage you to contact their Career Services office by email or phone to inquire further.

Please note that each school is responsible for approving or declining employer requests to connect, and each school has different deciding factors when selecting which employers to connect with and which roles to provide.

We also encourage every employer to thoroughly fill out the details of their company profile. Learn How to Edit Your Company Profile Settings.


Social Media

If you would also like your position posted to our social media accounts, please email




For additional information about Chestnut Hill College's Office of Career Development, please e-mail CareerHelp@chc.edu 

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