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Bachelor of Science
International Business, Language and Culture

Course Highlights

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (BUSN 101) - An overview of international business and the globalization process. Topics covered include national differences in political economy, differences in national cultures, international trade theories, the political economy of international trade, foreign direct investment, regional economic integration, the foreign exchange market, the international monetary system, the global capital market, and the strategy and structure of international business.

INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (MKTG 206) - Studies foreign economic, political and social environments to understand potential modifications to domestic product, price, promotion and distribution strategy in foreign markets. Selected cases emphasize international marketing successes and failures.

CULTURE IN INTERNATIONAL DECISION-MAKING (MGMT-304) - Designed to develop the skills necessary to design and implement global strategies, to conduct effective cross-national interactions and to manage daily global operations. The student is placed in the role of a manager of any nationality and is expected to take a global perspective in dealing with dynamic management issues in both foreign and diverse host environments. Cross-cultural management and competitive strategy are evaluated in the context of global changes. The course will emphasize how the variable of culture interacts with other national and international factors to affect managerial processes and behaviors. Case studies and term project report will be assigned. 

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Requirements/ Prerequisites:

Satisfy an International Experience Abroad requirement in a country where the major language is spoken