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Photo of Pete

Pete Kidd Jr., Class of 2012

"CHC really expanded my way of thinking and how I view the world. "

How do you describe CHC when you tell others you are a graduate of CHC?

“It is a small private liberal arts college that really expanded my way of thinking and how I view the world. From the location, to the education and extra-curricular activities, CHC is a very well-rounded school. As the former Shortstop for CHC Griffins baseball team and graduate of CHC, I am always proud to tell others of my Alma Mater.”

How did your liberal arts education at CHC affect your college experience?

"It made me very diverse. The plethora of topics available to learn about is outstanding. Some of the classes that had nothing to do with my major were the most interesting at times."

What is your present job?

"I am a Weather and Catastrophe Claims Specialist for State Farm Insurance, which is listed on the Forbes Fortune 50 companies. I travel throughout the country for months at a time, conducting investigative inspections for homeowner’s claims that are weather related."

How did you end up in this position?

"The opportunity was presented through one of my relationships with CHC staff. Networking through CHC helped get me in the door at State Farm."

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Program Information

At Chestnut Hill College, all of the principles of marketing are blended seamlessly into a curriculum that challenges students to think outside of the proverbial box. Students get more than just experience in marketing theory as alongside classroom instruction by highly qualified professors with years of experience in the field. 

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Chestnut Hill College's Center for Business programs are in candidacy for accreditation by the ACCREDITATION COUNCIL FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS AND PROGRAMS (ACBSP).

The marketing major is designed to provide the student with an in-depth exposure to the various facets of marketing including the role of the marketing function in the organization, consumer buying decision processes within the context of marketing strategies, market research analysis and planning. Students will gain a first class liberal arts education that will help them develop the necessary skills to succeed in a career in marketing.

Marketing may be understood on two levels, both as a management orientation and as a component of business strategy. A marketing-oriented firm tries to look at the organization from the buyer's point of view and identify customer needs that the firm can implement more successfully than competitors in the marketplace. Marketing strategy seeks to design want-satisfying goods and services, distribution systems that deliver products to buyers when and where needed, prices customers are able and willing to pay, and communications programs that clearly and persuasively explain offerings. The marketing process requires careful analysis of community needs and competitors' product lines.

Major Requirements

Click here to read the course catalog for more information.

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Chestnut Hill College is centrally located near hundreds of businesses in the Philadelphia region. This increases the opportunity for students to gain valuable real-world working experience through internships that could lead to full-time employment after graduation. 

Some of these internships include:

  • MDL Capital Management, Inc
  • United States Defense Supply Center
  • Morgan Stanley
  • United States Department of the Treasury
  • Life Sciences
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Arco Chemical Corporation
After Graduation

By majoring in marketing at Chestnut Hill College, your career path will be full of options. Marketing is a practical academic discipline that, when incorporated with a well-rounded liberal arts experience, offers a potent combination for career choices in profits and non-profits, government and corporate and much more.

A degree in marketing prepares you for a variety of careers that include but are not limited to:

  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Managing
  • Executive Search Consultant
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Management Consultant
  • Market Researcher
  • Retailer
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Product Manager
Contact Information

If you are interested in majoring in marketing, please contact Rita Borzillo, Department Chair of Business Administration (

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