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Program Overview

Program Overview

The Human Services Management fully online program draws on several foundation skills and outcomes to develop students into leaders in the Human Services field.

HSMG 510 (Organizational Management), HSMG 550 (Public Policy), and HSMG 570 (Human Diversity) are considered the “foundational courses” of this program. These courses look to lay the groundwork for the development of management and leadership skills while keeping in mind the unique challenges of being a leader in the field of Human Services.

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As the program progresses, each course provides three (3) defined outcomes that each student will take with them throughout their studies. These outcomes are designed to assist in understanding, applying, and assessing each acquired skill (see Curriculum for each course description).

The courses in this program are designed to tap into numerous areas of leadership and develop the unique skills necessary to manage a Human Services agency or program.

The courses listed above, in addition to seven (7) additional core courses round out a student’s curriculum, developing areas such as:

  • Human Resources

  • Group Dynamics

  • Legal and Ethical Issues

  • Principles of Finance

  • Assessment and Evaluation

Each course is taught by a full-time Human Services Faculty Member, or by an Adjunct Professor who currently holds a Director or Assistant Director position in the field. These professionals provide not only day-to-day knowledge of how to hold a leadership position but also networking opportunities for our students to position themselves as marketable candidates for future leadership roles.

Human Service Management students will participate in a hands-on experience in each course, with the assessments serving as a “Leadership Portfolio.”

As students complete each course, their evaluations will be utilized to culminate in a program design, Capstone Project – tapping into the defined skills learned in each course, and creating a tangible portfolio to bring to a prospective employer, or current agency as evidence of skill and program design acquisition.


Course Plan

Depending upon when a student begins their program (Fall, Spring, or Summer), HSM students will follow a defined course sequence – this maximizes the experience of the student, allows advising to focus on career goals and planning for post-degree completion, and provides guidance and peace of mind for students to know which courses they will be taking throughout the program.  If a student begins the program in either the Spring or Summer, the course sequence simply shifts to accommodate. 

Each semester, students take two (2) courses for a total of six (6) credits.  Each semester is broken into two, 8-week sessions. 

Fall Start


  • HSMG 570 Human Diversity in Human Services
  • HSMG 540 Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services


  • HSMG 510 Organizational Management in Human Services
  • HSMG 550 Public Policy


  • HSMG 520 Principles of Human Resources
  • HSMG 560 Principles of Finance


  • HSMG 530 Leadership Development and Group Dynamics
  • HSMG 580 Assessment and Evaluation


  • Elective Course 1
  • Elective Course 2


  • HSMG 598 Professional Seminar
  • HSMG 599 Professional Project
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