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Step 1: Form Interdisciplinary Team to Implement and Assess the Program

Step 1: Form Interdisciplinary Team to Implement and Assess the Program

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Considerations When Forming the Interdisciplinary Team

Increasing knowledge of concussion and especially the reporting of known or suspected concussions in student-athletes and other groups (e.g., military service personnel) is a considerable challenge that requires a cultural change. Such a change is complex and requires a commitment from several personnel including:

  • coaches
  • healthcare personnel (e.g. athletic trainers)
  • administrators (e.g. directors of athletics)
  • and most importantly, the student-athletes themselves

Involving professionals from various fields such as neuropsychology, psychology, and student life is also recommended in order to bring related expertise and resources to facilitate change. Therefore, an interdisciplinary approach is recommended to implement the CHC-PCEP.  


The Team at Chestnut Hill College

The program implementation team at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Pa. includes:

  • an athletic trainer,
  • clinical neuropsychologist,
  • counseling psychologist,
  • a biopsychologist with expertise in program evaluation,
  • the Director of Athletics,
  • coaches and
  • the Vice President for Student Life.

This group of faculty and staff bring considerable knowledge and resources to implement the program in a manner that engages many aspects of the college in the cultural change process.

The recommended personnel above represent an ideal program implementation team

Essential Team Members

We appreciate that not all organizations may have access to all of the professionals listed above or there may be logistical and/or organizational barriers to involving several professionals from different departments. At a minimum, the program implementation team should consist of an:

  • athletic trainer,
  • coaches, and
  • the Director of Athletics or her or his administrative designate.

If possible, involving a clinical neuropsychologist and a professional with expertise in program evaluation is recommended.


Step 2: Select the Peer Concussion Educators 

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