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Sports Connections: The Race for the Cup

Sports Connections: The Race for the Cup

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Student-athletes post pictures on Twitter in competition for the Griffin Cup.

Student Athletes Compete in CHC’s Griffin Cup

How do you engage student-athletes? Through competition, of course, and that’s exactly what the Athletics Department has done with the annual Griffin Cup.

Started last year as a result of a student initiative, the Griffin Cup pits each of the college’s athletic teams against one other in a spirit-based and friendly competition that encourages participation in athletics, academic and student life events campus-wide.

“Competitive drive and teamwork are at the heart of athletics, so we figured, why not make a competition out of the active presence our student-athletes already have on campus?” says Jessica Day, assistant director of academic success and engagement.

The Griffin Cup awards points to student-athletes based on three categories. Attending athletic events is worth three points, attending campus-wide events, such as lectures or student life activities, is worth five points and performing community service is worth 10 points.

To earn points, team members post a photo to the Griffin Cup’s Twitter account. It must show them with at least three of their teammates at an event or while performing community service. Then, at the end of the year, the points are tallied up and the cup is awarded to the team with the highest level of participation. Last year, the women’s basketball team won. In the first four weeks of competition this year, they also hold the lead, followed closely by women’s volleyball and women’s lacrosse.

“Participation and engagement at athletics and non-athletic events has definitely gone up across all of our teams since the launch of the Griffin Cup,” says Day, crediting both the coaches and student-athletes for “buying in” to the competition aspect and value of supporting each other and the rest of the college community.

According to Day, that idea of bridging the gap between student-athletes, who make up nearly 40 percent of the student population, and the rest of the student body, is one of the most important goals of the cup, and something that everyone in the department supports.

“Our student-athletes really are campus ambassadors and it benefits them and the college as a whole when they support their peers,” says Day. “And as a former student-athlete myself, it’s refreshing and rewarding to see how engaged our athletes are in everyday campus life and outside of their sport.”

Updated Standings (12/13):

Last year's inaugural champion, women's basketball, is in the lead, having completed 12 community engagement events and having attended 29 overall events. 

Under returning head coach Mike Terranova, men's lacrosse is in second place, followed closely behind by women's volleyball in third.

Overall, the teams have attended over 70 campus events and have logged 1,600 hours of community service.

You can follow the Griffin Cup on Twitter at the handle, @CHCGriffinCup. For more information on all things athletics, visit www.griffinathletics.com.

—Marilee Gallagher ’14 

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