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Special Events for (and by) Special Students

Special Events for (and by) Special Students

International Week and Belgian waffles
Waffle Wednesdays quickly became a big hit.

November was a busy month! Read on ...

International Education Week Recognized in November
Created as a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, International Education Week is designed to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences, as well as to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

The College hosted events every day, beginning with Get-A-Passport Day on Monday and ending with a travel abroad photo contest on Friday, in which members of the community voted on photos taken by students, faculty and staff while they were outside the United States. Also included was the annual Thanksgiving lunch for international students, a taste-of-the-nations event and a study abroad information session. A special Travels at Teatime welcomed our Belgian exchange students from Howest University, who showed the attendees how to make a true Belgian waffle.

They even shared a favorite recipe from their home for us to try in our homes.

Waffle Wednesday Q & A

Belgian students Elise Grymonprez, Tijs Toulouse, Eline Vercaemer, Tessa Gesquire prepare delicious waffles based on a recipe from their home country.It all began with a late-night craving for waffles, a trek to the store and two people with a really good idea. Thus, Waffle Wednesday was born. I met up with the students behind Waffle Wednesday and asked them about their time at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, and — of course — why the creation of a Waffle Wednesday? Eline Vercaemer, Elise Grymonprez, Tijs Toulouse and Tessa Gesquiere are four of the Belgian students studying abroad for a semester at CHC. The students are all seniors, and will soon enter the real world, embarking onto different paths. Chestnut Hill College, fortunately, has become an important part of that journey. The group has had a positive experience here at CHC and were eager to share what they loved about it.

Q. Overall, how has your experience been at Chestnut Hill College?

A. Tessa - The campus life is great here. There is always so much to do, see, and be a part of.
Elise - Everyone is so friendly here, from the security to the staff. Everyone says “hello” to each other.   In Belgium, that just doesn’t happen.

Q. What did you miss most about Belgium while you were here?

A. All - Food!
Elise - We really missed the food most because we aren’t used to all the seasonings that are used here—different than what we are used to. Also, family style servings are what we have at home. 
Eline - I miss the freshness of the food as well.
Tessa – I definitely miss homecooked meals.

Q. What did you like most about Philly?

A. Tijs - How clean the city is and how you can get everywhere on foot. I was able to walk all of South Street with my parents. Also, I liked going to all the museums and seeing the war boat.
Elise - Reading Terminal
Eline - Magic Gardens

Q. What is Waffle Wednesday and why did you all start it?

A. Tijs - Well, one night Tessa and I were craving Belgian waffles and we wanted to make them. Then we thought, why not sell them too?

Rebecca Hyde ’19 


Commuter Appreciation Week
Commuter students enjoy breakfast during Commuter Appreciation Week.During the second week of November, the College hosted its bi-annual Commuter Appreciation Week. Designed to celebrate the students who travel by foot, bus, train or car to get to campus, the week featured the return of everyone’s favorite, the free Panera breakfast, and also included new events like an afternoon of pizza and video games, a parking lot party in which students enjoyed hot chocolate, coffee, and giveaways between classes, and a Friday After Dark movie shown earlier in the evening to accommodate commuter students.

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