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New Amazon Hub Lockers on Campus Offer Students Convenience and Security

New Amazon Hub Lockers on Campus Offer Students Convenience and Security

If you’ve been outside of the basement of St. Joseph Hall recently, you may have noticed something different. A few weeks ago, an Amazon Hub Locker was installed on campus, and the College community has already been reaping the benefits. 

There are many reasons why we requested an Amazon Locker for campus,” says Chelsea Farren, director of operations for campus life.The Amazon Locker allows students to receive their package as soon as it arrives on campus which means the students are not bound by the processing time or hours of operation of the mailroom. Also, Amazon delivery drivers have a tough time finding our mailroom, so an Amazon locker offers a centralized location which will reduce the number of lost packages.” New Amazon lockers offer convenience and added security for students, faculty, and staff.

The Amazon lockers are self-service delivery locations, allowing individuals to have packages delivered to campus instead of their homes during hours that may not be conducive to one’s schedule. As such, the lockers supply an added peace of mind for students or college employees who might be worried about getting packages delivered during hours when they are not home. 

“The Amazon lockers are an effective way for commuters to get mail while at school, so packages do not get stolen at their homes,” notes Terry Cunnane ’23. “This is very convenient for both commuters and residents who want privacy when ordering packages.”  

Alongside safety and security concerns being met by the addition of lockers, another commonly expressed benefit among students is the convenience of being able to have a package delivered during hours when the mailroom may be closed. 

“The lockers are safer than having packages sit in the mailroom where they could also get stolen or lost if they don’t get picked up right away,” says Jessica Holobaugh ‘24. “The convenience of being able to get packages when the mail room is closed is a huge plus.” 

According to students, lockers, which come in all sizes to fit most items, are an innovative and effective way to receive packages, while promoting maximum security. And while many students have not started using the lockers yet, they are looking forward to having this service available. As are the staff in the mail room because as Farren notes, “the mailroom offers student services and programming. If we spend less time sorting packages, we can offer more programming for our community.” 

- Madison Feldschneider '26 


Instructions for use


Amazon Lockers are coming to Chestnut Hill College. Scan the QR code to learn how to use the new lockers.

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