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Faculty Features: CHC Professors Offer Advice and Expertise

Faculty Features: CHC Professors Offer Advice and Expertise

While life at Chestnut Hill College was conducted fully virtually in the Fall 2020 semester, our faculty remained dedicated to students and continued to strive to meet the academic needs of our campus community. However, it wasn't just within the classroom where our faculty continued to make an impact and provide an expertise. Over the last several months, no shortage of CHC faculty have been featured in the various media as experts, providing knowledge and insight on top of mind and incredibly relevant topics such as the 2020 election, mental health during the age of COVID-19, tips on the best credit cards to apply for, the job market for recent grads, and various spotlight features acknowledging and lifting up the work of our faculty.

Below you will find just a few of the many mentions and work that our faculty have been engaged in over recent months.

Judi Bernstein-Baker Joins CHC as an Adjunct

Chestnut Hill College has always been fortunate to have real-life professionals offer their expertise through teaching as adjuncts. This year is no different as reknowned immigration lawyer and executive director of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Pennsylvania, Judi Bernstein-Baker, will be teaching a course called Law and Security, which focuses on immigration issues. Baker will bring decades of real-life experience to her teaching and will no doubt be a great asset for the students within the criminal justice and law and legal studies programs. It is our pleasure to welcome Baker and all of the adjuncts who will be lending their time and energy to educating our CHC students this year.

Dr. Jeffrey Carroll Lends Research and Expertise to 2020 Election Coverage

Chestnut Hill's own Jeffrey Carroll, Ph.D., chair of the center for data and society and assistant professor of political science, made the rounds this Fall, leading discussions, serving on panels and offering talks about the 2020 Election. Carroll lent his expertise to the subject, providing insight on various election-based topics including on voter turnout and local elections. For his work, Carroll was featured in several news articles including Newsweek's "Fact Check: Does Philadelphia Have a 'Rotten History on Election Integrity' as Trump Claims?" and the Philadelphia Citizen's "Who Didn't Vote in 2020." You can find a snippet of both articles below and can read the full articles here: Newsweek and Philadelphia Citizen.

"There certainly was fraud back in the times in urban political machines—from Chicago and Boston and Philadelphia—but that really changed significantly due to reforms implemented post-1950 into where we are today." - Newsweek

“It’s a really difficult puzzle in any given election because there are very disparate neighborhoods with very disparate explanations of what could be driving turnout,” says Dr. Jeffrey Carroll, a political scientist at Chestnut Hill College. He’s one of the many researchers who’ll be digging into more of the 2020 voting data on a granular level in the coming months. “I think it’s still left in the air to see how this election lines up with the past.” - Philadelphia Citizen

Dr. Bindu Methikalam Interviewed on Topic of COVID-19 and Mental Health

Bindu Methikalam, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology in the master's and doctoral psychology programs, was recently interviewed in an article from PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com, titled "COVID-19: Coping with the Pandemic's Toll on Mental Health. You can find a snippet of the article below, and can read the full article here.

"The push to constantly work and remain connected can also be exhausting and keep people from attending to their mental and emotional needs during the pandemic, Bindu Methikalam, an associate professor of psychology at Chestnut Hill College, said.

“Overall, I think we might be seeing more folks experiencing distress, boredom, exhaustion, and frustration,” she said. “For others they might feel like they have to be on, while at virtual school and work, and they are exhausted and not as present for home responsibilities and familial and social relationships.”

Gail Ramsey Featured in Philadelphia Public Relations Association "Member Monday"

Gail Ramsey, assistant professor of media and communications, was recently featured as the member of the week for the Philadelphia Public Relations Association. You can find a snippet of the Q&A below, and can read the full feature here.

"After a successful career assisting lawyer with evidence presentations at trial, Gail began a career in academia. The influence of media on trials is Gail’s most passionate area of academic interest and study. It is the stuff she teaches and writes about. Specialty: Litigation Public Relations." 

Dr. Suzanne Del Gizzo Interviewed on Topic of Job Market for Recent Grads

It has been a busy few months for CHC's Suzanne Del Gizzo, Ph.D., professor of English. Dr. Del Gizzo recently co-edited The New Hemingway Studies, which came out in August 2020, was interviewed by the One True Podcast for an essay she wrote on "God Rest You Merry Gentleman," for a new collection on Hemingway's Winner Take Nothing, and offered her perspective as part of a panel of experts, in a Zippia.com article that touched on the current job trends for college graduates. You can find a snippet of the article with Del Gizzo's advice below, and can read the full article here.

"Be patient and observant. Your first few jobs are rarely an exact fit and you may not be doing high-level work at first, but use the time to continue your education. Learn about how the organization runs, the different roles and positions within the organization, etc. and try to figure out which of those jobs you think you'd most like to do-and it may be none of them in which case maybe you are in the wrong industry. But if you do identify a job you think you'd like, ask the person how they got there, watch how the handle themselves-from how they dress to how they interact with others."

Dr. Catherine Gilstein Featured in Q&A with WalletHub

Catherine Gilstein, Ph.D., MBA, assistant professor of business, was recently featured as an expert on WalletHub, to offer advice on the best no-fee annual credit cards people can sign up for. You can find a snippet of the Q&A below, an can read the full feature here.

"I think the average person spends about $100 on annual fees and most people do not realize it. January is a great time to look at your cards, your interest rates, and your fees. It is also a good time to assess monthly subscriptions to see which ones you are actually using, and which ones can be canceled."

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