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Did You Know?


The temperature is dropping and forecasts call for snow. Time to get shovels ready! At CHC, students returning from break always come prepared. Not just for handling the snowy hills but also, in the words of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, "for any good work."

During winters like last year’s, those good works include several students helping to shovel out cars of the SSJs who live next to campus.

Mary Katherine Ortale ’16, SGA president, continued the tradition established by Kait Ryan ’15, helping to shovel out the SSJ cars following Winter Storm Jonas in 2015.

“Kait used to go out and shovel all of the cars herself,” Ortale says. “She would start shoveling and encourage her residents to come out. So when she graduated she contacted me, hoping I could keep it alive.”

Ortale did just that, organizing a team of five students to help shovel out the cars after the storm. Soon, five turned into 10, which turned into 20 as, through word of mouth and social media, students came out in service to the Sisters.

“Whether it was for 20 minutes or two hours, we were happy and, of course, the Sisters were happy for any help students wanted to give,” Ortale says.

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