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Chestnut Hill College Named "A Best in the Northeast" College by Princeton Review

Chestnut Hill College Named "A Best in the Northeast" College by Princeton Review

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Chestnut Hill College is one of the best colleges in the Northeast according to The Princeton Review (www.PrincetonReview.com). The well-known education services company lists the college among its "Best in the Northeast" recommended schools in its "2016 Best Colleges: Region by Region" website feature that posted on August 3, 2015.  The feature is accessible at http://www.princetonreview.com/bestNEcolleges.  Only 225 colleges in 11 Northeastern states made The Princeton Review's "Best in the Northeast" list for 2016.

"We chose Chestnut Hill College and the other outstanding institutions on this list primarily for their excellent academics," said Robert Franek, The Princeton Review's senior vice president of publishing. The Princeton Review editors made their selections based on data the company collected from its survey of administrators at several hundred colleges in each region, as well as its staff visits to schools over the years, and the perspectives of college counselors and advisors whose opinions the company solicits.

"We also gave careful consideration to what students enrolled at the schools reported to us about their campus experiences on our student survey for this project," Franek added.  "We designed our 80-question survey to include questions that prospective applicants might ask on a campus visit. Only schools that permit us independently to survey their students are eligible to be considered for our regional 'best' lists, and only schools at which we see a strong level of satisfaction among their enrolled students – whom we consider their customers – make it to our final slate of regional 'best' college selections." 

The Princeton Review survey asks students to rate their colleges on several issues –from the accessibility of their professors to the quality of their science lab facilities – and answer questions about themselves, their fellow students, and their campus life.  Comments from surveyed students are quoted in the school profiles on The Princeton Review site. A Chestnut Hill College student majoring in mathematics commented in the profile, "I was drawn in by the size of the school. Coming from a very small high school, I wanted to continue on with a school that could afford me small classes with individualized attention from professors."

The Princeton Review also scores the schools on its "Best Colleges: Region by Region" lists in six categories. The scores – which are ratings on a scale of 60 to 99 – appear on the school profiles. They are tallied primarily from institutional data the company obtained from the colleges and /or student survey data. The rating score categories include: Academics, Admissions Selectivity, Financial Aid, Fire Safety, Quality of Life and Green.

Collectively, the 649 colleges on The Princeton Review's "regional best" lists constitute about 25 percent of the nation's 2,500 four-year colleges. The Princeton Review does not rank the 649 colleges, either overall, by region, or in various categories. However, some schools on the "regional best" lists that also appear in The Princeton Review's book, The Best 380 Colleges: 2016 Edition, appear on some of the company's 62 ranking lists of "top 20 colleges" that are published in that book. All of those ranking lists are based entirely on the company's surveys of students at the 380 schools in the book.

The 225 colleges that The Princeton Review chose for its "Best in the Northeast" 2016 list are located in eleven states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont -- and the District of Columbia.  The Princeton Review also designated 159 colleges in the Midwest, 125 in the West, and 140 in the Southeast as best in their locales on the company’s "2016 Best Colleges: Region by Region" lists. 

The Princeton Review is an education services company known for its tutoring, test-prep courses, books, and other student resources. The company is not affiliated with Princeton University.


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