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CHC Welcomes Largest Cohort of Tichenor-Greer Scholars Program This Year

CHC Welcomes Largest Cohort of Tichenor-Greer Scholars Program This Year

A photo of the cohort from a virtual class, "Creating Success."The Tichenor-Greer Scholars Program, which supports students underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs (African-, Latinx-, and Native Americans), is enrolling its largest cohort in its history this year with 25 students who will graduate in 2024.

The program, funded through the generous support of Patricia Tichenor-Greer ’62, Ph.D., and Carl Greer, Ph.D., began in 2014 with a cohort of just five students. Tichenor-Greer scholars receive a scholarship of $5,000 a year plus a cadre of support services, including a book stipend, a mentor, individual STEM-based advising, and instruction in topics such as time management, applying for competitive research internships, and funding graduate school as well as the tracking of benchmarks to their chosen career or graduate or professional school program.

A snapshot of the 2020 Cohort includes these facts:

  • 54% identify as Black/African-American
  • 21% identify as Hispanic/Latin American
  • 25% identify as multiple races/other
  • 80% hail from public schools
  • 12% from parochial schools
  • 8% from public charter schools

Students are required to be in one of Chestnut Hill College’s STEM majors, and this year’s cohort are majoring in Biology (8), Health Sciences (5), Exercise Science (4), Cybersecurity (2), Biochemistry (2), Digital Forensics (1), Forensic Biology (1), Computer Systems Management (1), Forensic Chemistry (1), and Computer Information Science (1).

“I’m very excited about our cohort this year — they are already proving to be an enthusiastic, engaged, and ambitious group of young scholars,” said Jody Markley, M.Ed., the director of the Tichenor-Greer Scholars Program. “We are looking forward to many great things from them here at CHC and then as they emerge to become leaders in their chosen STEM fields.”

Damir Kee, an Exercise Science major, from Somerdale, New Jersey, said, “Starting college can be stressful for any student, especially this year due to online learning.

“I was at ease because being is the TGS program has readily prepared me for class and what to expect. A week prior to starting class we were doing orientations, navigating through Microsoft teams, Canvas, as well as meeting with professors and staff. Being chosen to be in the TGS program feels amazing, it’s awesome to already be a part of a little family that's navigating through success together. Ms. Jody is running an amazing program and has equipped me with the skills that I need to be successful this year and all four years.”

For more information, visit www.chc.edu/tichenor-greer-scholars-program.

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