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Board of Directors Elects New Chair

Board of Directors Elects New Chair

Sister Carol, Margaret McCaffery, Cathy Lockyer Moulton, Sister Anne Myers
From left: Sister Carol stands with outgoing Board Chair Margaret Carney McCaffery '77, incoming Chair, Cathy Lockyer Moulton '92, and Sister Anne Myers after May's Board meeting.
Linda Johnson

At its quarterly meeting on May 8, CHC’s Board of Directors elected Catherine Lockyer Moulton ’92 as its Chair, effective in September.

Moulton will replace Margaret McCaffery ’77 who has served as Chair since 2012. In a joint email announcement to the College community, Sister Anne Myers, SSJ, Ph.D., congregational president of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and vice chair of the Board of Directors, and Sister Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D., president, said, “We thank Margaret Carney McCaffery for her leadership as Chair … Her dedication, integrity, availability and insightfulness built warm and welcoming relationships with Board members and friends of the College.”

McCaffery, who was a member of the Board for 11 years, says she is "so grateful" for her time there and the experiences that position has afforded her.

"I made many new friends and learned so much from each one, knowing I could count on them for their expertise, wisdom and candor," she says in reflecting on the impact her service has had on her life. "My respect for and commitment to the Sisters of Saint Joseph has grown immeasurably and I am incredibly grateful for my relationships with all of them, especially Sister Carol Jean Vale, Sister Anne Myers and Sister Kathryn Miller.

"I look forward to supporting Cathy Lockyer Moulton, for whom I have the utmost respect and confidence in her leadership."

Moulton, who is the COO of a property management company, has been a board member for 16 years, serving on various committees, including Student Life, Physical Plant, Development, Academic, Capital Campaign and Executive, including as Chair of the Academic Committee for five years. She received the Eleanore Dolan Egan ’28 Award in 2008 and the Libris Award in 2014.

“Her commitment to the Mission of the College and of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, leadership skills, loyalty and dedication are recognized by the Board of Directors as important to the future of the College,” said Sister Anne and Sister Carol.

Moulton says she originally joined the Board to complete her grandmother’s term when she became ill. “My grandmother believed one doesn’t sit on a board, one works on a board,” says Moulton, who gave birth to her son while serving out that first term.

“Chestnut Hill College has had a lot to do with shaping who I am today,” she says. “The SSJs and the College helped me feel more confident as a woman and a woman in business in a male-dominated industry. I moved around a lot when growing up, and I consider CHC my home town. It was the only school I was able to complete after starting because we moved so much. My roots are at CHC and with the Sisters. They helped me reach a level of confidence in myself I didn’t have before.”

Moulton already is mulling over goals and strategies for CHC’s future including bringing some best business practices into the boardroom and diversifying the board by recruiting members from all backgrounds with varied talents and of varying ages, “so we can truly represent the student body and their varied needs.”

She also hopes to create new community partnerships with local industries through which students can get internships and from which CHC might get new adjunct professors.

—Brenda Lange

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