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Bachelor of Science
Health Sciences
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Health Sciences

The Health Sciences major will provide students an interdisciplinary educational program with the goal of helping prepare students to be leaders, advocates, and role models in the health professions. The program allows for students with diverse academic and professional interests to explore and analyze the scientific, ethical, sociological, and structural components of the health sciences and health systems.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the many career options that are available in the health sciences and decide on what best fits their interests, skill, and abilities.  

Why Study Health Sciences at CHC?

The Health Sciences undergraduate degree program at Chestnut Hill College provides students a comprehensive overview of the various health career professions, an in-depth look at the healthcare system, and the foundational science needed to be successful in these careers. 

With so many career options within the health sciences, the program at Chestnut Hill College aims to help students find the best career choice for them based on their interests, skills and abilities. The curriculum allows them to explore these options while receiving the education and earning the prerequisites needed to enter into a full-time career, a professional program or certificate program upon degree completion.

CHC also holds articulation agreements with the following institutions:

  • Salus University: Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Audiology, Optometry
  • Gwynedd Mercy University: Accelerated Nursing

This program offers:

  • Major: Health Sciences
  • Minor: Health Sciences

Career Outlook

Careers in the health sciences continue to grow at a double-digit rate. There are opportunities as practitioners, educators and administrators. The Health Sciences undergraduate program at CHC gives you the knowledge and skills to follow your chosen path.  

Immediately upon graduation, career opportunities include:

  • Health Educator 
  • Public and Community Health 
  • Healthcare Facility Coordinator
  • Health Services Administration 
  • Lab Coordinator 
  • Research Coordinator

Upon graduation we expect many students will continue with a certificate program, accelerated undergraduate program, or a graduate program. Below is a sampling of continuing education programs in the health sciences:

  • Cytotechnology                                                               
  • Accelerated Nursing
  • Genetics Counseling
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dentistry
  • Chiropractics
  • Public Health
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Technologist
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner
  • Dietetics
  • Optometry
  • Medical/Health Social Work
  • Hematology


Students have completed a variety of internships in locations such as:

  • Geisinger School of Medicine
  • Penn Presbyterian Hospital
  • Lenape Valley Foundation
  • Roosevelt Rehabilitation Center
  • Crozier Medical Surgical Center

Contact info

If you are interested in becoming a Health Sciences major at Chestnut Hill College, please email the Natural and Behavioral Sciences Center at sciences@chc.edu