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Forensic Sciences Summer Camp

Forensic Sciences Summer Camp

Students laying out the crime scene

Join us for one or more of the CSI Series Camp experiences.  

CSI Series 1 – Physical Forensics   Rising Grades 5-9

This Forensic Science, laboratory-based camp offers a unique opportunity for campers to engage in hands-on instruction, participate in experiential learning and understand the application of theory and techniques used in criminal investigations. The theory, techniques and application in “Who Done It” or criminal justice cases include but are not limited to fingerprint identification and classification, fabric and shoe print pattern comparisons, chemical agent identification, blood type testing, blood splatter analysis, art forgery and DNA typing. Join us for one or more of the CSI Series Camp experiences!

CSI Series 2 – Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics   Rising Grades 5-9

During this exciting week, campers will learn about cyber security at all levels from desktop operating systems to cyberspace, while engaging in hands-on, interactive projects and activities. They will investigate how computers, networks, and the Internet work and apply what they have learned to find digital evidence to help solve a crime!  Campers will develop new skills, acquire knowledge to be safer online, and gain a greater understanding of how digital information can be used to assist police and crime scene investigators solve crimes.  Join us for one or more of the CSI Series Camp experiences!

CSI Series 3 – Criminal Justice   Rising Grades 5-9

The Latin origin of forensics means “open court, public”; the modern meaning of forensics relates to “scientific tests or techniques used in the detection of crime”.  This exciting week uses a specific case to examine how evidence collected during a criminal investigation is used to convince a jury/judge of one’s culpability.  Campers will learn the fundamentals of the judicial system while exploring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with specific emphasis on the Sixth Amendment, as well as the roles and rules of the court. 

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Students at computer
Blood Type Analysis: Study of the ABO Blood Groups
Female student looking at speciman
I Wonder If I’m Type A, B, AB or O?
AH, HAH, Type AB!
Uuh, Oh, I’m Type O!
Genomic DNA Isolation From Epithelial Cheek Cells
Got My Own DNA!!!!!!
I Got My Own DNA Too!!!!!!!
Loading DNA Sample for Gel Electrophoresis
DNA Typing: Paternity Case
Who Killed the Pig? Dissection for Wound Identification
I Think He Likes Me!!!!!
He Liked Me But I Don’t Care Much For Him!
Busy Studying Evidence: Microscopy and Dissection
Orthodontics Evidence: Taking Teeth Impressions
I Don’t Think I Like This Stuff!!
Down To The Nitty-Gritty: Acquisition of Crime Scene Evidence
Tracing The Bodies of Poor Dr. K’s Murdered Students
The Crime Scene: Too Many Dead Bodies!
If The Shoe Don’t Fit You Must Acquit!!!!
Who Killed Dr. K’s Forensic Science Class?

Although all the students in Dr. K’s Summer Camp were murdered, they were brought back to life by organismal cloning and solved the crime by retrospectively analyzing evidence. It turns out the murderer was a female with light brown straight hair. A single bullet left at the crime scene matched the registered handgun of the student. This upper level undergraduate in Forensic Biology was too jealous of rising forensic high school students. 

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