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Payment Policies

Payment Policies

Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw from all classes at the College (see Withdrawal Procedures in Academic Section) are eligible for refunds of tuition according to the schedule below. Fees and other charges are non-refundable after the first day of classes. Doctoral students are not eligible for tuition refunds. See Parking Permit section for information on returning parking permit for a partial refund. Students who withdraw from the College may also be required to return a portion of the Federal Financial Aid (Title IV) they received. For purposes of calculating refunds, the calendar week begins as of the first scheduled class time of each term, regardless of the individual student’s individual course start date. For specific dates please refer to the SGS Academic Calendar For more information on the Refund Policy, contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 215.248.7116.

Prior to the first day of session 100% refund
Within the first calendar week 80% refund
Within the second calendar week 60% refund
Within the third calendar week 40% refund
Weeks thereafter No Refund


Financial Aid Refund

If you are due a refund from excess financial aid, refund checks are mailed out within 14 days after the aid is transferred to your account. Your financial aid is transferred onto your account approximately 7 days after the start of each semester. It is the policy of the College that refund checks are mailed to student's home addresses on file. Please visit the Registrar's Office to fill out a change of address form or submit your correct address in writing to the Registrar's office at registrar@chc.edu. They are located on the third floor of St. Joseph's Hall.

Term Financial Aid Disbursement Dates Anticipated Financial Aid Refund Dates
Fall 2022

Sept 17, 2022

Oct 1, 2022

Spring 2023

Feb 6, 2023

Feb 20, 2023

Summer 2023

Jul 17, 2023

Jul 31, 2023


Account Credit Balance Procedure

Financial aid and account payments are credited to the student's account in the order they are recieved. If the aid is posted from a parent loan, then this is always credited after all student aid has posted in the order it is received.

Business Hold

Students with delinquent accounts are placed on business hold and are prevented from registering for future classes, receiving course grades, receiving copies of official or unofficial transcripts, or participating in graduation ceremonies until they have made payment to satisfy their accounts. A student may be dismissed from the College for continued delinquency of financial obligations. Students on business hold should contact the Office of Student Financial Services immediately to satisfy their remaining balance. A student may be placed on business hold at:

Beginning of Term – for failure to make payment in full or to make satisfactory arrangements to pay the term’s bill. Students in this category cannot attend classes until the Office of Student Financial Services approves financial arrangements for the term.

During Term – for defaulted or late payment on terms arranged at the beginning of the term. Students in this category cannot register for the following term, receive grades or transcripts and may be prevented from taking tests, attending classes or graduating. Students should contact the Office of Student Accounts immediately if they have not met their financial obligations as agreed upon prior to the beginning of the term.

Students will be removed from business hold when their bill is fully paid or addressed in a satisfactory manner, as agreed upon as approved by the Office of Student Financial Services.


The College reserves the right to withhold registration materials, transcripts, diplomas, and all other information regarding the record of any student who is in arrears in the payment of tuition, fees, or any other amounts due the College. This includes unpaid parking or library fines. A student may be dismissed from the College for continued delinquency of financial obligations. Unpaid bills will be turned over to a collection agency. Collection costs and/or other finance charges must be paid by the student, in addition to the unpaid amount, before the College will release grades or transcripts.


All of the below fees are non-refundable once classes begin:

Matriculation/Orientation Fee (Undergraduates Only)

The Matriculation/Orientation Fee covers costs associated with orientation events/activities, degree conferral, cap/gown, and the graduation ceremony. This fee is a one-time fee billed in your first semester at the College.

Enrollment Fee (Accelerated Adult Degree and Graduate only)

The Enrollment Fee covers costs associated with orientation events/activities, degree conferral, cap/gown, and the graduation ceremony. This fee is a one-time fee billed in your first semester at the College.

Student Activities Fee (Undergraduate only)

The Student Activities Fee covers events and activities offered to all students through the Office of Student Activities. This includes Fun at One, Fridays after Dark, off-campus trips, the Fall in Love with Philly ticketing program, leadership programs, and funding for student clubs and organizations. This fee is billed per term no matter your enrolment (half-time vs. full-time). This fee is billed every semester you are enrolled.

Health Services Fee (Undergraduates only)

The Health Services Fee covers costs of resources offered through Health Services. This fee is billed every semester you are enrolled. The Student Health Center fee covers medical services provided by a licensed nurse practitioner, licenses nurse and physician consultant.   This staff provides acute and episodic care for undergraduate students.  Compilation, review and monitoring of student health histories, vaccinations and immunity status.  Proactive health and wellness programming and training.  City, State and Federal medical compliance oversight.   Management of infectious disease protocols, student interventions and emergency medical incidents. This fee is billed every semester you are enrolled.

Residence Life Fee

Residence Life Fee The Residence Life Fee is a one-time non-refundable fee paid during your first semester as resident student. The Residence Life Fee covers costs associated with standard cleaning and maintenance to your dorm room during the academic year and after move-out each year. Please note you are subject to additional fines for excessive damage, broken windows, furniture, etc.

Application Fee

Master level and Doctoral applications both have associated fees. For fee rates refer to “Graduate Costs”. Payment methods are cash or check made payable to Chestnut Hill College, money order or credit card.

Late Registration Fee

A Late Registration Fee may be charged to currently matriculated students who have taken a graduate or doctoral level course at CHC and who register for courses two weeks prior to the start of the current semester.

Change of Registration Fee

A Change of Registration fee may be charged to students who alter their registration after first submission. To change a registration, please contact the Graduate Registrar (215.248.7018).

Practicum Fee

Practicums fees are charged in some programs and are in addition to tuition. See “Graduate Costs” for current rate and applicable programs.

Returned Check Fee

A Returned Check Fee is imposed by the College as a result of notification from the student’s financial institution that there are insufficient funds for the transaction. The fee is $35.00 per occurrence.

The Deferred Payment Plan Fee

Students who enroll in a Deferred Payment Plan, which allows students to pay tuition during the semester in two or three payments, are assessed this fee.

Late Monthly Payment Plan Charge

This fee is assessed to students who are not current on their deferred payments at the completion of a given semester.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits are required for all students and faculty members. Each academic year (fall through summer) permits are available for purchase. Additional information is available by emailing 


All of the above-mentioned fees must be satisfied prior to graduation. All student accounts must be clear prior to receiving any official documents (transcripts and or diplomas) from Chestnut Hill College. Failure to clear up any outstanding balances will result in a Business Hold. Refer to the Business Hold-above.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition and Fees are subject to change.



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