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Diverse and Underserved Communities

Diverse and Underserved Communities

Multicultural and social justice counseling competence is now a requirement for all practitioners.  This concentration is designed to enhance this area of professional competence through an in-depth study of the salient topics and cultural group courses.  Students will be learning directly from faculty with particular expertise in diversity and treatment approaches for various cultural groups, and will be actively engaged in a dynamic learning environment in each of these courses.  

Completion of this concentration in the program fulfills the requirements for licensure as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania and many other states, and reflects a strong commitment to the journey of becoming an effective multicultural counselor and social justice advocate for communities that are frequently underserved. Graduates of this concentration often have an interest in working with specific cultural groups (e.g. Latino families, LGBTQ communities, urban communities impacted by poverty).  The Diverse and Underserved Communities concentration prepares students for various counselor positions working with the underserved and poverty stricken population.

The Diverse and Underserved Communities Concentration is one of seven concentrations in the Clinical and Counseling Psychology M.S. degree program. 

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