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March 2018

March 2018

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McKeithan Owens

When he first learned about Chestnut Hill College, McKeithan Owens believed it was God’s way of guiding him back to Catholic school. “The program fit so well,” he says. “It allows me to be who I am and write and talk about God.”


Even when CHC’s students leave the campus for the summer, the grounds are never really empty. This summer will witness even more activity – of the Education – Sports – Fun variety.

networking, service, psychology,

On February 22, more than 30 alumni participated in the annual Student/Alumni Networking Night, a joint venture of the offices of Career Development and Alumni Relations. 

tattoo artist performing on a model

When Lauren Barrow, Ph.D., assistant professor of criminal justice, first conceived of the special topics course, Social Construction of Deviance through Tattoo Art, she had only a glimmer of how the semester would unfold.

Chile flag

Mark your calendars now for a variety of fun and intriguing programming in March and early April.

reunion weekend 2017

Big alumni events are on the horizon. Be sure not to miss them!

Earth Center

Although Earth Day was first recognized on April 22, 1970, the values it represents have been part of the fabric of Chestnut Hill College since its founding and an integral part of its mission.

in the news

Members of the CHC community are frequently mentioned in the news. Last month, two of our students and a faculty member appeared on CBS-3. 

Jaida Zabala and Winnie the Pooh

CHC recently launched a video series to spotlight the great internships, careers and study abroad experiences that students and alumni have enjoyed while at the College.

women's lacrosse hall of fame

Under the direction of 2011 Hall of Famer, Janice Kuklick, women’s lacrosse became one of the college’s most successful programs. Members of those teams will soon join their esteemed coach in taking their place in the Chestnut Hill College Athletics Hall of Fame.


In February, four Chestnut Hill College student-athletes were chosen to take part in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference's (CACC) new series, "Inspiring Courses," designed to put a direct spotlight on the academic side of being a student-athlete.