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Resources for Job Search

Resources for Job Search

*** Please note that these advertisements are posted as a convenience to our students. Chestnut Hill College does not make any endorsement, representation, or guarantee about the positions listed or the statements made by employers. The College is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, adherence to state or federal laws, or any other aspects of off-campus employment without limitation. It is the sole responsibility of the student to thoroughly research each organization to which he or she is applying for or accepting off-campus employment including but not limited to researching the facts and reputation of each organization to which the student has applied or accepted a position. The student should be cautious and use common sense when applying for or accepting any position.



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First-time Log-in Instructions for Students

  1. Go to app.joinhandshake.com, type in Chestnut Hill College
  2. Type your CHC email address (last name, first initial) into the text box
  3. Make sure you click on "Complete SSO" and finish the set up using your CHC email credentials

Any questions about signing in, please reach out to someone in Career Development for assistance: CareerHelp@chc.edu


ARE YOU CAREER READY? There are eight career readiness competencies, each of which can be demonstrated in a variety of ways: https://www.naceweb.org/career-readiness/competencies/career-readiness-defined/


How to Personalize your hunt for jobs online.

Agency List. A carefully curated list of the top advertising, design and marketing agencies in Philly and surrounding areas. Also listed are useful education, career, and professional resources.

Barefoot Student. Barefoot Student connects employers with college students & grads! Get text or email alerts! Search for internships, jobs, and entry-level career opportunities. We are the #1 job site for universities in 192 countries. https://www.barefootstudent.com/

College Grad Job Hunter. The largest, open-access job search site dedicated to college students and recent grads, providing immediate access to job postings, employer databases, and information on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, offer negotiation, and more!

Counseling Careers There are dozens of counseling careers, from school counseling to psychology. Review the top guide to counseling careers at this link: https://www.counselingdegreesonline.org/careers-in-counseling, including over 20 different types of counseling careers. You can see the descriptions for each counseling job, as well as what degree is required for that career in counseling.

Cultural Alliance Job Bank. (Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance) This Web site offers employment opportunities in the arts and cultural communities. It offers job listings that include: Senior Level Positions, Development, Public Relations, Communications and Marketing, Education, Curatorial, Administration, and Volunteer (Internship) opportunities working together to improve and promote the advertising and communications industry.

Health Admin Career Explore Paths in Healthcare Administration.

Highest Paid Careers You can review the top degrees segmented by area of study, such as Business, Nursing, or Engineering, or review the different degree levels, or compare the combined list of the highest-paid degrees.

How to Get a Job in Computer Science ComputerScience.org created a resource on how to obtain a job in computer science. It covers topics such as formatting your resume, acing an interview, and freelancing. 

Idealist.org. A division of Action Without Borders, is the most comprehensive directory of non-profit and volunteering resources on the Web. This site links several hundred thousand nonprofit job seekers with information from over 40,000 organizations in 165 countries.

JobCentral. The internet's first employer-owned job board and employment website. The DirectEmployers Association provides more than 310,000 job listings with 25,000 employers nationwide.

Learn How To Become In today’s world, with so many changes taking place in the economy and new technology being introduced continuously, it’s hard to keep up with the job industry. In fact, there are new opportunities becoming available all the time and some of the jobs that were scarce in the past, are now in high demand. Moreover, in order to get a decent paying job today, you’ll almost certainly need a college degree. It’s not like it was years ago where you can land a job managing a store with a high school diploma. Now, there is too much involved with running a business or fulfilling job duties in other occupations, to rely on basic skills and knowledge. You will need to spend a significant amount of time learning your craft in order to succeed and going to college to earn a degree is the best way to do that.

Opportunity Knocks.  View career opportunities in the non-profit sector by city, state, organization, or position type.

Philly Ad Club. Chestnut Hill College is a member of this non-profit organization which is a community of influential advertising, marketing and media professionals working together to improve and promote the advertising and communications industry.

Public Services Careers. The goal of this guide is to explain what a career in public service is about, demonstrate how to get a career serving a higher cause and dispel any myths and misunderstandings about public service.  

STEM Careers. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs open the door to many different careers, including opportunities in engineering, science, and research.

Zippia. Search for jobs by Industry, Discipline, Company, or Most Popular by State.

ZipRecruiter. The fastest-growing job board that is free for students to use to find jobs or internships using the job search engine to connect them to thousands of job listings. 



Pennsylvania School Boards Association. This website provides information and resources to support local school districts and provides links to national and other state associations.

PAREAP. Target: Teachers seeking positions. This website allows prospective teachers, administrators, or non-certified professionals to complete a single online application at no cost and send it to any or all participating school districts in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

Teach Philadelphia. Teach Philadelphia is a service for teachers and independent schools in Philadelphia. Our goal is to make the application and hiring processes as easy as possible for all parties. Teach Philadelphia was conceived by members of the Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officer’s Association to help address the hiring needs of some of its member schools.

Teacher Catapult. Teacher Catapult is your best resource for finding Pennsylvania teaching job openings and salary information!

Teacher Job Fair Hosted by the DVEC (Delaware Valley Education Consortium) The Consortium, currently composed of 23 Philadelphia institutions of higher education, originally existed solely for the purpose of sponsoring what became an annual teacher job fair. The Consortium has acted as an intermediary in the teacher job search process by providing candidates the opportunity to meet employers from not only the Delaware Valley but from employers across the United States.

TeachingInPA. This site covers the teaching vacancies from over 450 public school districts within the state of Pennsylvania.


Government Employment

The Federal Government needs new talent, new energy, and new creativity to do the work of the 21st century. 

Learn How to Become. A guide to government careers.

PA State Civil Service Commission. Provides an online application process, answers to questions about the civil service process, and contains a downloadable guide, "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Employment Opportunities for College Graduates".

PhilaJobs. Philadelphia's Personnel Department works in partnership with City departments, agencies, boards, and commissions to attract and maintain a competitive and diverse workforce.  The website provides an overview of available jobs, job descriptions, and compensation information. 

Studentjobs. This is your one-stop for information to find a job within the Federal Government. Whether you're in high school, college, or graduate school, you are eligible for a variety of special opportunities for students. Learn about co-ops, internships, summer employment, volunteer opportunities, and plenty of part-time jobs.

USAJobs. Provides worldwide job vacancy information updated each day from a database of more than 17,000 exciting public service job opportunities. Apply for Federal positions that can give you the chance to provide public service and make a difference in the lives of the American public.


Social Work

How to Become a Social Worker - https://mastersinsocialworkonline.org/resources/how-to-become-a-social-worker/

Social Work Career Options - https://mastersinsocialworkonline.org/careers/

Online MSW Program Guide - https://mastersinsocialworkonline.org/online/masters-in-social-work/

Ph.D. in Social Work Guide -  https://mastersinsocialworkonline.org/degrees/phd-in-social-work/


Fraudulent Job Posting Red Flags

While you’re working hard to make sure you land that perfect job, be aware that the perfect job may not be so perfect. Con artists and scammers post fraudulent jobs that sometimes are difficult to spot at first. Keep reading to learn some tips on what should raise a red flag and how to protect yourself if you think you may have applied for a fraudulent job.

Although the staff in The Career Center reviews job and internship postings to determine legitimacy, we want to make sure you are aware of these signs that are red flags that a job or internship posting is fraudulent:

  • The job posting asks you to provide your credit card, bank account numbers, or other personal financial documentation.
  • The posting appears to be from a reputable, familiar company (often a Fortune 500), or even a well-known local establishment. Yet, the domain in the contact’s email address does not match the domain used by representatives of the company (this is typically easy to determine from the company’s website). Another way to validate is to check the open positions on the company’s website.
  • The contact email address contains the domain @live.com, @hotmail, @yahoo, @gmail, etc.
  • The position requires an initial investment, such as a payment by wire service or courier.
  • The posting includes many spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You are offered a large payment or reward in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account (often for depositing checks or transferring money).
  • You receive an unexpectedly large check (checks are typically slightly less than $500, generally sent or deposited on Fridays).
  • You are asked to provide a photo of yourself.
  • The position is for any of the following: Envelope Stuffers, Home-based Assembly Jobs, Online Surveys.
  • The posting neglects to mention what the responsibilities of the job actually are. Instead, the description focuses on the amount of money to be made.
  • The employer responds to you immediately after you submit your resume. Typically, resumes sent to an employer are reviewed by multiple individuals, or not viewed until the posting has closed. Note – this does not include an auto-response you may receive from the employer once you have sent your resume.
  • The position indicates a “first-year compensation” that is in high excess to the average compensation for that position type.
  • Look at the company’s website. Does it have an index that tells you what the site is about; or does it contain information only about the job you are interested in? Scammers often create quick, basic web pages that seem legit at first glance.
  • Watch for anonymity. If it is difficult to find an address, actual contact, company name, etc. – this is cause to proceed with caution. Fraud postings are illegal, so scammers will try to keep themselves well-hidden.
  • The salary range listed is very wide (i.e. “employees can earn from $40K – $80K the first year!”)
  • When you Google the company name and the word “scam” (i.e. Acme Company Scam), the results show several scam reports concerning this company. Another source for scam reports is: http://www.ripoffreport.com.
  • Google the employer’s phone number, fax number, and/or email address. If it does not appear connected to an actual business organization, this is a red flag. The employer contacts you by phone, however, there is no way to call them back. The number is not available.
  • Google Map the physical address of the organization. If the “street view” image does not appear to be a business operation, then it is more than likely a scam.
  • The employer tells you that they do not have an office set-up in your area, and will need you to help them get it up and running (these postings often include a request for your banking information, supposedly to help the employer make transactions).
  • For more information on Fraudulent Jobs or Job Scams, please review the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information site at https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/job-scams

What if You are Already Involved in a Scam?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggests the following instructions for schools to share with students who have responded to fraudulent postings.

  • The student should immediately contact the Campus Police. The campus police are responsible for conducting an investigation (regardless of whether the scam artist is local or in another state).
  • Please contact The Career Development Office too. Although we make every effort to review postings before they go live to our campus community, we want to be informed of illegal activity related to postings so that there will not be other victims.
  • In addition to the above instructions, if it is a situation where the student has sent money to a fraud employer: the student should contact their bank or credit card company immediately to close the account and dispute the charges If the incident occurred completely over the Internet, the student should file an incident report with the: http://www.cybercrime.gov/, or by calling the FTC at: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).


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