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Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

To assure the protection of human subjects, Chestnut Hill College requires that, prior to initiation, all research projects involving human subjects or human materials be reviewed and approved by the IRB. This policy applies to funded and non-funded research, and to all biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects or human materials conducted by faculty, administrators, staff and students of Chestnut Hill College. Questions regarding research involving animals should be directed to the Chair, Chestnut Hill College IRB.

From Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (III Guidelines, 1 Studies Requiring Review) Chestnut Hill College 2001, page 2. 

To receive forms or inquire about submitting proposals for review, please contact Kristen Cannon at dittrichk@chc.edu

Chair - Kenneth J. Soprano, Ph.D. at irb@chc.edu or 215.248.7038

Secretary to the Committee - Kristen Cannon, M.S. at dittrichk@chc.edu or 215.242-7734

Proposal Review

Contact Kristen Cannon when you have a proposal that requires review. 

Please note that you will then be enrolled in the Blackboard Proposal submission site. You will submit your proposal electronically to the Blackboard Submission site. Kristen will provide instructions for this process. Dr. Kenneth J. Soprano, Chair of the Institutional Review Board, will then determine the level of review (Exempt, Expedited, Full), and Kristen will correspond with you to keep you updated on the progress. 

Should your proposal require a full review, Dr. Soprano will call a meeting of the full committee. This process will probably take at least four weeks after your proposal was initially received. 

Researchers whose proposals require full review will be invited to attend a part of the meeting. No more than two proposals can be reviewed at most meetings.

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