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Program Concentrations and Degree Options

Program Concentrations and Degree Options

Click on the links below to learn more about CHC's programs.

For more information, download the Education section of the Graduate catalog.  Please note that CHC’s curriculum must adhere to everchanging Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements. Students should stay informed of changes in requirements for certification in PA (or other states, if applicable). 

Masters of Education Degrees

M.Ed. in Educational Studies

M.Ed. in Early Education (PreK-Grade 4) 

Dual: PreK-4 Education & Special Education PreK-8 

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Principal Certification Preparation

M.Ed. in Secondary Education (with content area)  

Dual: Secondary Education & Special Education 7-12

M.Ed. in Special Education (Special Education PreK-8 & Special Education 7-12)

M.Ed. with Reading Specialist Certification Preparation K-12 (Prior Certification Required)

Montessori Early Childhood Education - Early Education with Montessori Certification Preparation

M.Ed. in Early Education plus Montessori Certificate Preparation

Graduate course credit plus Montessori Certificate Preparation

Montessori Certificate Preparation only (non-credit)


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