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Suggestions for Modification to Other Groups

Suggestions for Modification to Other Groups

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The CHC Peer Concussion Education Program was designed to be easily modified to meet the needs of various groups.

High School  and Middle School Students

For example, the downloadable education modules can be modified to be consistent with the level of cognitive development characteristic of the typical high school or middle school student and the section on the return to play protocol (RTP) in Education Module 1 can be changed to reflect the RTP used by a given high school. Moreover, the program implementation team at the high school level may include a health and physical education teacher. 

Play video of a Peer Concussion Educator recommending implementing the Peer Concussion Education program with middle school students 

Military Units

In addition, the Peer Concussion Education model lends itself well given the emphasis on unit cohesion which is a key characteristic of the United States Armed Forces. Military units are similar to sports teams as each unit has a designated Military Treatment Facility (MTF) and/or medical personnel including a Senior Medical Officer (SMO). Two peer concussion educators can be selected for each military unit by a committee analogous to the one discussed above in the section titled: Selecting the Peer Concussion Educators. With respect to program implementation, the medical corpsman may be a key member of the program implementation team assuming the role of the athletic trainer. Other program implementation team members may include hospital corpsman, medics, and nurses.  


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