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Students Join Women's March on Philadelphia

Students Join Women's March on Philadelphia

CHC students marching in Philadelphia on January 21. From left: Alley Thomas, Giuseppe V. Galantuomo, Miranda Alli, Brianne Lindline and Brigid MacArthur-Thompson.

A small group of CHC students and faculty joined the Women’s March on Philadelphia on January 21. The group was sponsored by the History Club and the Women’s Studies minor and led by Lorraine Coons, Ph.D., professor of history and chair of the History and Political Science Department. 

“We went to express our solidarity with other women across the country and to send a message to the new administration and members of Congress that women’s rights are human rights and that they will be held accountable for any violations committed on their watch,” says Coons.

Sister Lisa Olivieri, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science and technology and chair of the department, Sister Betsy Schneider and Dr. Alexander Varias also attended the march.

Giuseppe “Joey” Galantuomo, senior class president, says he joined the Women’s March because of the rhetoric he has heard from Donald Trump throughout the campaign. “I am concerned about how the new administration will uphold female rights,” he says. “To me, the march was a message to the president that the people are not going to let him take away women’s rights without heavy resistance.”

Other students' quotes about the event:

“I believe in the importance of women creating space for other women and not participating in any erasure or exclusivity. As women, we deserve proper funding, we deserve to have equality in all areas, we deserve to be treated as human beings. Hate does NOT make us great and seeing so many people come together to support women created such an atmosphere of liberation and unity. It was so empowering and heart-warming in the midst of this chaotic time in our country.”  -- Peyton Guido         

“I absolutely loved the Women's march. I think it was one of the most peaceful, beautiful events I've attended in a while. It was wonderful seeing so much diversity and people of all ages, color, and gender getting together and marching for a great purpose! The speakers and music was a remarkable plus to the march and everyone could relate to at least one speaker.”   -- Brianne Lindline

“I went to the march to experience an amazing historical event and to stand up for what I believe in. Everyone is equal and women have rights to their body that no one else can dictate.”  -- Bethany Nevius 

"I attended the Women's March on Washington because I wanted to exercise my First Amendment rights while using my voice to protect human and environmental rights." -- Catie Hoops

"The Women's March on Washington, for me, was an opportunity to stand up for the rights of all women, immigrants, and the environment." -- Rebecca Hyde

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