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Student Body Elects New Officers

Student Body Elects New Officers

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On September 14, students gathered in Gruber Theatre to hear the platforms of this year's candidates for the Student Government Association of Chestnut Hill College (SGA). This year’s winners were announced by the SGA on September 27.

Elisha Reed, Harry Davis and Kacey Plunkett are the group’s newly elected members for the 2017-18 academic year. Reed, a junior is her class’s new vice president; Davis became the new freshman class president; and Plunkett is the freshman class vice president.

Reed explained her platform this way: As a native of Philadelphia, she said she will encourage students and become a more involved part of the campus community. Through this position, Reed plans to help the class president and learn new leadership skills.

Davis told the same audience why he should be president of his class.

“I want to make life here at Chestnut Hill College a lot better for the incoming freshmen,” Davis said. As a member of the school’s sprint football team, Davis knows how to work with others to achieve a common goal. While Davis is devoted to athletics, he is also dedicated to academics, and hopes that he can help his peers feel the same way about their schoolwork.

“I have not been able to meet everyone, but I will strive to meet all the people that I can,” he said. He also wants to help make residence life better by making improvements in the lounges and to the recreation games. “I’m excited for the new role that I will be taking on.”

Plunkett spoke about why she should be elected to serve as vice president for her class. She plans to organize some great events, activities and fundraisers that students can get involved in.

“I always say, try something, even if you think it will embarrass you,” said Plunkett. As an advocate of volunteering and community service, Plunkett wants to use her position to encourage students to do the same.

“I want the students to have someone on the inside who will listen to them,” she said. “I hope people will come to me for help, not only in classes but when they need something for their room or the school.”

Plunkett wants to be able to help her future class president behind the scenes and be there for her peers when they need help and support. Her life goal is to change the view of education in the whole world, and this position will help her reach it.

—Stephanie Brogna ’20

Stephanie Brogna is the News Editor of The Griffin and a Communication major studying journalism and professional writing. 

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